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  1. *This article is from Equestria Daily* My Little Pony just got swaggier! This Friendship Games motocross bike was seen on the UK Amazon website! NOTES: - It is only listed - It is NOT available - There are only pictures - See Equestria Daily for more info & pictures on the new MLP merch! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/06/equestria-girls-canterlot-high-playset.html#more Thanks!
  2. Fluttershypie124

    Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Playset

    *This Article Is From Equestria Daily* This Canterlot High Playset was seen on the UK Amazon NOTES: - They are only listed - They are NOT available - There are only pictures on the website - See Equestria Daily for more info! Thanks!
  3. Fluttershypie124

    Hai, I'm New here :3

    Welcome to the forum! If you need any help or just a friend to talk to, send me a PM! I know you'll have a great time here so have fun! Sincerely, FluttershyPie124
  4. Fluttershypie124

    Ask Applejack!

    Hey AJ! What's your favorite cereal?
  5. Fluttershypie124

    Ask Derpity ( Derpy x Rarity )

    Derpy: Of course I was upset! Rarity is my special some pony and when she is replaced with Carrot Top... I just don't know what went wrong!
  6. Fluttershypie124

    Ask Derpity ( Derpy x Rarity )

    Rarity: Ask us anything! We will answer as many as we can, no flames! Hey guys! I'm going to try a ask blog, so ask away! Sincerely, Fluttershypie124
  7. Fluttershypie124

    MLP Forums App?

    Hello everypony, It's great to be back on the forums again and seeing everyone. As well as coming back I propose a topic that I see not many people have talked about, mlp forums being an app. By explaining this concept to you, I hope that you too can agree with me in hopes that they do make it into an app. I, am a student at school who is constantly busy with schoolwork and other clubs, I noticed that I rarely ever get time to sit down and post on the forum as much as I can in the summer. However, in the very limited spaces of time I have, I usually go on my social medias, I wish that I could be able to post on my phone or tablet in those times, this also gives me an advantage of being able to post whilst still getting work done, I feel some heads nodding at this point. But you may say: " I don't have a phone or tablet, so how does this benefit me?" Well, I'm not exactly sure. You can do one of two things either: - Buy a phone/tablet - Find/make time on computers Thank you all for listening and chatting with me on this topic, it is just a topic and it should not be taken under extreme measures. This is just a debate and a suggestion for the forums to be more successfull. Sincerely, Fluttershypie124
  8. Fluttershypie124

    MLP:FiM S04: E22 Trade Ya!

    Hello everypony, it's great to be back! MLP:FiM S04: E22 Trade Ya! Question and Discussion Of The Day: When Rarity and Applejack were fighting over the brooch and rusty pie tin , who do you think should have gotten the item they wanted? Comment down below and don't forget to send a friend request to me so you can get more of these Q/D's HAPPY SPECULATING!
  9. Fluttershypie124

    Random Merch: MLP:FiM Board Game

    http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/random-merch-dominoes-puzzles-cups-and.html#more This was found in a K-Mart in Indiana
  10. Fluttershypie124

    Random Merch: MLP Bag

    These can be found at Target!
  11. Fluttershypie124

    Random Merch: MLP Puzzles

    This are available in Brazil right now, but I'm sure they will be hitting the U.S and U.K soon!
  12. For Whom the Sweetie Bells Toils Air Date: March 30, 2014 S04, E20 Description: Sweetie Belle ruins a costume for one of Rarity's clients on purpose; Luna visits her in her dreams. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/mlp-season-4-episode-20-synopsis.html#more
  13. Fluttershypie124

    Random Merch: Celestia Beach Towel

    Now available at Target is the Celestia beach towel! Come back for more #randommerch
  14. New TY Beanie Babies Fluttershy , Applejack and Rarity! These are available on Amazon. Come back for more #randommerch!
  15. Fluttershypie124

    S04,E17- Somepony To Watch Over Me

    http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/new-episode-announced-somepony-to-watch.html#more New episode for season 4 on it's way! I found this on Equestria Daily, click on the link above to see the full synopsis!