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  1. Lyrafinish

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

  2. Lyrafinish

    Rihanna bullies 16-year-old

    This is borderline disrespectful
  3. Lyrafinish

    Ads that drive you insane ?

    RPG games with anime girls with extremly big boobs.
  4. Lyrafinish

    How to: Hold your end of an argument

    Now one of my only talents is being sarcastic, so maybe some remarks would work. Don't name call though, trust me. Unless it's an extremly personaltopic, you can try to lightly throw someone off
  5. God you are good at convincing. LETS GO RARITY
  6. I love Rarity, but something tells me to root for Twilight
  7. Lyrafinish

    Ever get caught?

    My brother caught me watching all the songs from Pinkie Pride and he wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of the day. yay
  8. Best: Spongebob (before movie) Bubbles (PPG) Applejack Worst: New Spongebob Scraby omfg
  9. Lyrafinish

    DigiBrony wanting to die out of the Fandom

    I honestly like his season four new videos. They are so laid back, and they still discuss the episode, just not the whole thing in general
  10. Lyrafinish

    How far is Hasbro C&D willing to go?

    Hasbro doesn't seem to get that not everything that has ponies is breaking copyright rules *shows picture of AJ* OH NO YOU STOLE OUR CONTENT THATS IT YOUR CHANNEL IS BEING TAKEN DOWN!!1!
  11. Okay so she was pretty good in that episode. But any episode that was not centered around her seemed to make her a little flanderized
  12. Season 4 Pinkie.. Aside from Pinkie Pride (which is my favorite episode of all time), shes just been out of it, which makes me kind of mad. You write her perfectly in her own episode but any other episode shes obnoxious and annoying?
  13. Lyrafinish

    Favorite Restaurant?

    My family goes to lots of restaurants.. Locally it would be "The Waiting Room". It's a normal restaurant but the food is amazing Chain wise i would say Applebees. It's been forever since i've been there but i love the pasta and burgers.
  14. Lyrafinish

    Movies/TV Worst Film of 2013

    Sharknado... just no.... *shivers*
  15. Lyrafinish

    Owlicious in Season 4

    Ik but i hope he doesn't come back, he's so annoying