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  1. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Luna!

    It was sooo different! Now i know why she does it rather than me, i dont know if i would be able to do her job for so long! And she had to do mine for a thousand years..
  2. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Luna!

    HELLO EVERYPONY, I AM PRINCESS LUNA!! *cough* eh uh.. I mean.. I am Princess Luna, sister of Princess Celestia. I raise and lower the moon, I help the water raise and fall with each wave (as according to the Moon's plan) and well.. i also may have tried getting rid of Celestia to keep the moon up forever...twice.. BUT I am here because Celestia keeps raving about how you beautiful ponies keep asking her questions..and I kinda want in on it too! Please, ask away!
  3. Well, many ponies may believe that that is how you should phrase that question, but really the question is "why would i put a black hole on a pin?" Heh heh, well in answer to your original question, there are an infinite amount of black holes that can fit onto a pin, you see, they are infinite in size on a plane. Black holes aren't exactly 3-D in shape. Take a triangle, we see a triangle, but what actually exists is a never ending prism, and our eyes can't exactly see that. So technically we can fit any amount you want onto a pin, just dont suck in any major planetary systems!
  4. Hi! I'm the Doctor I'm Derpy! It's going to be hard to tell us apart, just remember Derpy's text will be underlined (or I may just have to add our names so there's definitely no confusion) Me and The Doctor saw a lot of our friends being asked so many wonderful questions and we thought why dont we try it? So we are! Thats right! Go ahead and ask us anything! As long as it fits in with the timespace contimuum, go on ahead!
  5. Im back

    1. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      There's someone I haven't seen in time. o3o How goes? :)

  6. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Scootaloo!

    yeah, your right.. But how are we going to get to other cities to search?
  7. oh, i really like ponopoly, and yes, we can play it! yes...why?
  8. *squee* discord got me a box of chocolates for hearts and hooves day!!!
  9. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask me ANYTHING!

    Flew right over my head
  10. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Soarin!

    Id really like some apple pie right now...
  11. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Princess Celestia!

    oh yes! I love to read mystery novels, they're just so intense!
  12. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Scootaloo!

    they're never around! They're always away for a business thing for the farm! *sniffle* I just assumed that they were at another city or country but...but they arent...
  13. TheScrewUpCrew

    Ask Scootaloo!

    i dont..*sniffle* i dont know...
  14. im doing good, actually! All of my lovely animals (even angel) are eating their food and are listening to me very carefully!
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