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  1. Frosty Fire

    Xbox 1 V.S PS4 jokes

    Howdy! So before I continue, let it be understood that this is simply a place to share any jokes you may know about the next gen consoles. For instance, it's called the xbox 1 because it took 359 steps back. I figure that with the launch of the next gens just around the corner, that this would be a nice way to get ready for them. So go on, lets see some really good ones!
  2. Hello everyone of the interwebs! Today I bring you a topic where you can share your gamer tag if you're looking for new friends, new clan mates or people just to game with! Please understand that when you post your tag, everyone and anyone can view it. And if you do post, please include what system and the games you want to or most often play and maybe even what you're looking for. For example here is mine. Im Dj D3rpy115 for 360 and play mostly COD im just looking for any brony who enjoys shooting:D So feel free to post and understand that it's not just for consoles. Please feel free to post friend codes for pokemon or whatever else you're looking for ^.^ I hope this becomes a useful tool for anyone looking for new faces to meet ^.^
  3. Frosty Fire

    New here...

    huzzah.I screwed up on the gamer tag. It's DJ D3rpy115. I look forward to meeting you
  4. Frosty Fire

    New here...

    Howdy Dylan! We welcome you to the herd We're all friendly here and hope you make some new friends (If you have an xbox and would like, you can add me to your friends list at Dj derpy115
  5. Frosty Fire

    Howdy All

    Howdy! Finally someone else who says that This is my 4th day here and its wonderful! You'll have no trouble in finding friends or having to deal with trolls. So welcome and we are very glad to have you!
  6. Frosty Fire

    Love and Tolerance! Right?

    Okay although I understand where you're coming from, I don't agree with you. you're disregarding the fact of what these characters have done. All nearly destroying equestria at will. The fact is love and tolerance can only be effective in most situations, but in cases of extremes such as those, tolerance isn't enough. Now not only that but I believe an extent of love and tolerance is present in the first two cases. Rather than completely banishing or even something worse, the mane 6 are tolerant and loving enough to return luna back to, well luna. Even in the case of discord the mane 6 show tolerance and love. In a later episode they are willing to love discord to help reform him (which is still unclear if they were successful) but regardless. Now with the changelings, the mane 6 really had no other choice. With the stake of equestria on the line, dire measures were needed. Like the common saying goes "desperate times call for desperate measures. " And lastly, you have to consider that a vast majority of the show, if not every episode, in one way or another, personifies those traits. So to say that love and tolerance is completely thrown out the Window, id have to disagree with you. Because it is still present in those episodes and vast majority of other episodes still present love and tolerance
  7. Frosty Fire

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    This is my initial thought. and It will probably stay that way But if I had to choose from the mane six it'd be this pony here Because I play tube
  8. Frosty Fire


    Howdy good sir! We are so glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy your stay Everypony here is super nice and very welcoming
  9. Frosty Fire

    Hello everyone

    Howdy! Welcome to the Forum We are so glad to have you here and we hope you have a wondertastic stay I'm new here as well and would love help show you around if you need any help
  10. Frosty Fire

    Greetings fellow people

    Howdy! Welcome to the Forum We all hope you enjoy it here and have a wondertastic stay P.S I'm a gamer too on Xbox and if you have any questions and concerns, feel free to hit me up with a message
  11. Hello everyone of the inter-web! I bring you another question about the US government. Today's topic is " Should the United States Suspend Foreign Aid until they get their own debt under control?" Please let minnow your thoughts in the comments If you're interested in these kind of topics, I post them very frequently and already have one out about the NSA, so feel free to check up on those along with my page and Have a Wondertastic day
  12. Frosty Fire

    Ideas on my OCs

    Howdy everypony! Today I have for you my two OCs I've come up with Please note I did start with the pony generator, and did minor editing in Gimp. I may post future artwork and I hope to get some feedback from you guys this is the one I made to embody me And these to personify my dear sister
  13. Frosty Fire

    is the nsa surveillance program too much?

    I had no idea about them being involved with other countries... So thanks for that information Do you think you could give me a source for that?
  14. Frosty Fire

    Hello there, sweethearts!

    Howdy! Welcome to this wonderful place of a forum We are so happy to have you here and if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. ( If you want to reply to this comment just hit the quote button in the bottom right corner)
  15. Frosty Fire

    is the nsa surveillance program too much?

    No joke, it seems like even just the people here, have more than enough sense to make better decisions that what we call our " elected officials"...