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  1. Okay pony staff i really need my pass reset poniverse wont let me type in my full email.

  2. Nobody modrater admin has replyed about my lost of my pass on Lightfire

  3. Im lightfire i still lost my pass to lightfire

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    2. DaReaper


      Explain your problem and they will help you recover your password

    3. Lightfire3itsme
    4. Nohbdy


      In these situations, it's better to send an email to support@mlpforums.com.

  4. Come on ponys its really me lightfire i lost my pass on lightfire!

  5. Its me Lightfire sorry i lost pass to it

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    2. Lightfire3itsme


      Im emotional also i forgot to add that about me i tend to log out if someone makes me really sad...and yes it is really me Lightfire

    3. Dsanders


      Well first off, you should never log off the forums. It's not as easy to get back on here as it is with most other social network sites. Also, you could try seeking a mod on here for help.

    4. Lightfire3itsme


      Thank you guys i shouldent have logged off...:( i bet chirotia doesnt know this is me

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