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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy birthday! 2-9-17

  3. AzuriteReaction is the most real-feeling man on Youtube. He actually doesn't mind talking about his personal life and is the reason I say "Done like Dinner" so much. As a plus, he introduced me to some really weird games (and some cool ones, like Tribes). MikenNemonic is such a monotonous guy, that it's just so funny to hear him overreact to strange occurrences. (If you want to count non-youtube-based streamers, then Joel or Vinny from Vinesauce are awesome too).
  4. Garry's Mod, because it lets you pose Disney characters and Sanic having a rap battle, while Batman catches on to Bin Laden's plans.
  5. If you like mature shounen: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure or Fist of the North Star If you like shounen with lots of thought put into it: Hunter X Hunter or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood If you like shounen with a long story and great world building: One Piece If you like Shoujo that makes fun of the genre: Ouran High School Host Club If you like hair and obscure humour: Bobobo-bo bo-bobo If you like blood: Dead Man's Wonderland If you like time travel and stuff: Steins Gate
  6. Very Well. Your power is... A body of iron: Your body, or any part of it, can be changed to the durability, conductivity and weight of iron at will. You can use your hair as needles and so forth. If reaching a high temperature enough to melt iron, the body will turn into a liquid form. Exposure to higher temperatures results in injury to the body. Depending on how much of the body is changed, it will use up a certain amount of physical energy during the time. Note: Your aren't actually iron, you just have certain properties of it.
  7. @@Littlecandylulu903, You can have two if you want. Just try not to over-occupy yourself. @@Melke, Your OC can be used if you want. @, Your OC page link doesn't seem to be working. Edit: Nevermind, it works now. Awesome OC. She can keep that portal power if you so want it.
  8. @@@Blitz Boom, Just letting you know, I'm going to be away for a while on the Isle of Wight, so I may not be able to answer for a few days.
  9. Be very careful, I once went near something like that and nearly died afterwards when it shot a nuclear warhead at my face. Luckily, it only took half my torso and both arms. Damn government needs to sort themselves out...I could have been seriously injured or worse...I could have been VERY seriously injured. Edit: I am typing this with my face.
  10. Skeletons in Minecraft. Cataquacks from Super Mario Sunshine. Wall Masters and Like-Likes from Zelda. Deathclaws at low levels. ;_: Edit: Four Words. Cruel. Melee. Fighting. Wireframes.
  11. I found a list on the ground once. I am not kidding about it's contents: Get baby mineral oil Get some guys shoes Get fruit from Morrisons Get Blow-up Doll Just what were they planning? O____O
  12. Anyone here for a spot of Chai?
  13. I've never had a girlfriend. Mostly because I don't like most of the people my age I have met. That, and I am very bad at socializing with my autism. Not only that, I went to boys-only schools, so I never really met that many girls. All in all, I only have one real friend in life...