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  1. I doubt it-I mean, technically she doesn't really have much of a defined character outside of Slice of Life and Rainbow Rocks-the rest is more or less just fanon.
  2. Quite a few (94 at the time of this post)-fortunately, that means I rarely run out of content to listen to when I'm working on other things. Though, some of them I'm not sure should count since they are gaming or spin-off channels from other people I'm subscribed to.
  3. Whismur or Loudred-and maybe Meloetta (if she could get one), I think would also be possible options.
  4. Unfortunately, being born in the early 90's means I'm a Millennial-so, I would like to add that love cereal.
  5. -Princess Spike The story's internal logic bugged me because most of it was for plot convenience but, the second point annoyed me even more and I feel is the stronger reason I feel distaste for this episode. The whole moral of the episode felt completely backwards and self-defeating, when he's selfish and abuses his power everything works out fine for him, but when he decides to act selflessly, everything backfires-which seems to contradict the intended message. -The One Where Pinkie Knows I'm going to just flat out say it: the reason I dislike this episode is greatly subjective to me for three reasons: The secret wasn't really too hard to figure out since we've had a pretty good idea that this was coming for a few years since that Princess Skyla toy was released. And I disliked the premise of the episode because I was pretty certain that it would be Cadance's pregnancy-I realize that the show is a glorified toy commercial, so this was bound to happen-but, I'm not exactly pleased with the development, either since in terms of narrative for baby-focused episodes there are already the established Cake twins. And someone knowing about the pregnancy before Twilight annoys me for some reason. -What About Discord? Twilight wasn't completely wrong to be suspicious of Discord, he still occasionally intentionally causes conflict for his own amusement, betrayed them to Tirek, was willing to throw someone into another dimension in a jealous rage, and was clearly taking delight in Twilight's misery-so, the other character's brushing off her concerns (which were valid in my opinion) really rubbed me the wrong way. -Appleoosa's Most Wanted This unfortunately, gave Starlight's 1984-esque ideals some credibility in-universe as well as the horror of removing personal choice from the pony that Cutie Marks were shown to have in 'Magical Mystery Cure' in favor of 'destiny', since Troubleshoes is constantly miserable and fated to be a laughingstock for eternity-regardless of whether he resigned himself to that fact or not by the end of the episode. As a result, the 'he wrongly interpreted his Cutie Mark' feels like a cop out, rather than addressing the issue. -Castle Sweet Castle After four seasons, nobody thought that maybe Twilight might like some new books-this bugged me because I could accept them not knowing her well enough to give her what she wanted if it were earlier in the series back when they didn't know her very well. Minor things also grated on me; Pinkie's joke about the library burning down came off as forced, hanging the dead roots of the tree as a chandelier on the ceiling (yeah, that's probably pretty safe), Dash's voice in the song was really weird and didn't really sound like her. There are more, but I'm trying to keep it limited to five episodes-if I'm to be perfectly honest, the other episodes that would be on this list if didn't that they were bad, then I felt they were too boring for me to care about.
  6. No, I forgot to mention it earlier-but, in the theater I was kind of disappointed that they didn't pop up in his head throughout the film even after they tortured/experimented on him.
  7. As someone said earlier, just like with what makes a 'good' fanfiction, taste is subjective, but I can give you what I think makes a bad one. Some of these may be repeated from earlier responses, since these are based on what I personally dislike; -Gratuitous improper grammar can annoy readers-the exception being character dialogue, since most people rarely speak grammatically correctly one-hundred percent of the time and if they are children, uneducated, mentally ill, are foreign to wherever the story takes place and are new to understanding the characters' primary language, etc. then poor grammar in their dialogue makes sense within the story's narrative. -'Perfect' characters or Mary/Gary/Marty Stus as they are usually called, who are extremely competent with little to know prior training or knowledge in a certain field of expertise and usually don't have family lineage of having the talent 'in their blood' to fall back on as an excuse, either as well as being instantly and near-universally loved by other characters within the story for little to no reason. -Major plot holes-while minor ones should be avoided if at all possible, really big ones are easy to notice and will get readers extremely annoyed with not having them addressed in some capacity, especially if that something can fix everything within the story or immediately end whatever conflict is unfolding. -Unlikable characters, this is an easy trap to fall into with protagonists if their is nothing sympathetic or charming about them-this goes along with show-don't tell, if they have positive traits-implement them into the story while interacting with others instead of saying 'This character does or is 'X', otherwise it's an informed trait that has no real bearing on the story and comes off as lip service from the author. -Characters acting out of character with no in-story explanation such as; it takes place in an alternate universe, they were under mind control, or they were secretly being blackmailed-and with the last two, the other characters should be suspicious if they know the character in question is acting strange in contrast to their normal behavior.
  8. I loved it. I was worried that FOX would screw it up like they did with him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine or that the current political climate would make them too much of what makes Deadpool the character he is because they were worried about bad PR for the film from self-proclaimed moral guardians would hurt revenue or something. So, I was pleasantly surprised with how much they were allowed to keep in the film-especially since this shows that R-rated superhero films and being faithful to the character (and not sewing his mouth shut) can be successful. I do hope that the success convinces them to allow more than a handful of characters for the sequel, it did feel a little empty with just four or five mutants (and a mutate), but with the success of the film, they should be able to afford more characters if necessary for the sequel.
  9. I consider myself a classic liberal-because I believe in ideals such as free speech and freedom of expression and that they must be protected at all costs. If you're referring to political parties, then right now it's neither-so, I suppose I'd be a libertarian since I'm staunchly opposed to the authoritarian tendencies from both parties when they get too much influence.
  10. For whatever reason, I cannot drink. Even a small amount of alcohol immediately gives me a migraine. I don't know if it's some kind of allergy, or what.
  11. Usually, the reason character who are rude or act like jerks become unlikable, if not outright hated are due to the lack of any redeeming traits. If you can make it clear to the reader that she has this attributes, but isn't an apathetic or hateful person (keeping with showing through her actions and not telling through expository dialogue), then I think that should help a great deal with keeping her likable.
  12. I don't watch Steven Universe, but it's hard to believe the character in questions redemption could be as lazy or as poorly executed as Starlight Glimmer's.
  13. Fallout 4. I sided with the Institute for the first run to get the trophy, but saved at different points through the game beforehand to avoid having to replay the game from the beginning for each faction. I fell when trying to get the Strength bobblehead in the Mass Fusion building, and since the Brotherhood of Steel blew up the elevators, so I have to grind to level 41 to get the perks necessary for jet park power armor, so I can complete the quest.
  14. Well, there is the issue of them if merging becoming large enough to start absorbing other, smaller companies and becoming a monopoly. And they will also have the power to go after non-profit fanworks even more aggressively than before with both of their resources combined with an even greater lack of accountability when going after those who haven't violated fair use. This is an issue that is rampant on Youtube with Channel Awesome, I Hate Everything, and that stunt The Fine Brothers recently tried to pull-so even more MLP and Transformer related content that they do not directly profit from in some way are likely to be taken down, even if it fails within fair use due to lack of accountability on their part. Essentially, I think corporate entities like Hasbro already have more than enough power to do whatever they want without consequence in regards to things like false DMCAs, despite not being as large as some others.