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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Happy Birthday :D

    1. Pomfritter


      Thank you very much! :D

    2. Pomfritter


      Thank you very much! :D

    3. Flutterstep


      Your welcome :) hope you had a good one

  5. I was listening to The Offspring and then I watched this Granted then I wasn't really interested in MLP stuff, but then eventually I listened to 20 Percent Cooler, without knowing it was about MLP, and after watching a series of BronyDanceParty's PMVs, I finally decided to watch the show.
  6. In any scenario with an awkward silence I say "I enjoy potatoes with my ice cream" and then have to thoroughly explain my reasoning behind that.
  7. 8.1 I don't get all the hate for it, it's very nice, and with any startmenu modifier it's perfect.
  8. As a child, I never finished watching Pokemon. As such, I am doing that right now.
  9. I drink water. When I go to my friend Chris's house, I drink lemonade because they have a large supply of it. But never soda/pop. I guess I never really enjoyed the feeling of carbonated liquid. It usually gives me a stomach ache.
  10. This and the sour cream and onion ones. I will eat that whole bag in an hour.
  11. Pomfritter


    I do the dishes sometimes. I guess I do my laundry too, but I wouldn't consider that a chore.
  12. There's a long, neverending list. -Any world that is in a post apocalyptic book, video game, or movie. -Middle Earth -Whatever the Game of Thrones world is called -Any dystopian society (Panem, 1984, etc) -Any place without reliable Internet access (This one is just selfish) -Also any world characterized by violence, everything from the world of Pokemon to GTA.
  13. I'm not into the true classical music, that is music from the classical era, however I do enjoy classical crossover music above all three of these. Although, growing up in rural Ohio, I am completely fine with country. Dubstep just sounds like trash to me, I enjoy house and simpler electronic music, but not dubstep.
  14. Imagine if the colorfulness of the show came out in the toys, though. Like if the toys could be perfect recreations of the show. That'd be magical. Anyways, I'd still probably enjoy it the same if the art style changed.
  15. Pomfritter

    Luna [Wallpaper]

    So I was looking at your DeviantArt page and I saw the Celestia wallpaper that matched this one, and I decided to see how it looks when I used them on my two monitors at the same time. Sadly the right monitor is a tid bit smaller, but I still think it looks amazing all the same.
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