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  1. Thought I'd throw mine is all for funs http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/snow-feather-r5232
  2. Oh this is really cool. I mean it kinda makes the wait seem even longer to me but I'm so impatient anyways so ya. I like the idea of Everfree Forest being a major theme. Really makes me wonder about that new villain and all that.
  3. I'm pretty happy about this, because I'm seeing the same thing. I think once the new season finally hits... oh the buzz. Lol. I hope to see more events around as well, like conventions. I just gotta keep an eye out I suppose.
  4. I personally don't quite understand all the hate going on right now, but then again it's pretty similar to any other fandom I suppose. Something changes, and the end is nigh. I think season 3 was awesome and from what I've seen or heard about the fourth I couldn't be more excited. I love the idea of Twilicorn and EQG did nothing but bolster my hopes. I mean honestly I went into that movie thinking it was going to be just terrible but I actually liked it waaaay more than I thought possible. A couple of things felt rushed but maybe it is simply the season size being cut in half that made it a
  5. Haha thanks for all the greetings. Been having fun so far, taking away some of the terrible impatience of waiting for season 4 a bit haha.
  6. Hiya there. I've been a fan for a while now but until about a week ago I havn't done much besides getting several friends of mine hooked on the show (haha). I finally managed to catch up and watch all the episodes and really wanted to talk to others about this wonderful show. So although I usually just lurk forums more than anything I decided to try and get a little more chatty for once heh. Er anyways looking forward to chatting with you all. I absolutly love RD and Twilight, but I love them all really. But I think Sweetie Belle would be on the top three list if I really really had to p
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