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  1. Thought I'd throw mine is all for funs
  2. Oh this is really cool. I mean it kinda makes the wait seem even longer to me but I'm so impatient anyways so ya. I like the idea of Everfree Forest being a major theme. Really makes me wonder about that new villain and all that.
  3. I'm pretty happy about this, because I'm seeing the same thing. I think once the new season finally hits... oh the buzz. Lol. I hope to see more events around as well, like conventions. I just gotta keep an eye out I suppose.
  4. I personally don't quite understand all the hate going on right now, but then again it's pretty similar to any other fandom I suppose. Something changes, and the end is nigh. I think season 3 was awesome and from what I've seen or heard about the fourth I couldn't be more excited. I love the idea of Twilicorn and EQG did nothing but bolster my hopes. I mean honestly I went into that movie thinking it was going to be just terrible but I actually liked it waaaay more than I thought possible. A couple of things felt rushed but maybe it is simply the season size being cut in half that made it all feel so crammed. Alot of development went on imho. Anyways... ya. No faith lost here heh
  5. Haha thanks for all the greetings. Been having fun so far, taking away some of the terrible impatience of waiting for season 4 a bit haha.
  6. Hiya there. I've been a fan for a while now but until about a week ago I havn't done much besides getting several friends of mine hooked on the show (haha). I finally managed to catch up and watch all the episodes and really wanted to talk to others about this wonderful show. So although I usually just lurk forums more than anything I decided to try and get a little more chatty for once heh. Er anyways looking forward to chatting with you all. I absolutly love RD and Twilight, but I love them all really. But I think Sweetie Belle would be on the top three list if I really really had to pick. Other than that, I'm just a gamer living in the dallas area of Texas. Ok bai now lol