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  1. winter's a psychological horror turned based RPG was panned by critics but played the first 20 much in depth with a lot of emotion. The Atmospheric Music is also darn emotional and great.
  2. strangely enough i think i have read a RL version of this episode in twitter.. A brony heard some news in Horse News that was purely speculation..and accidentally insulted one of the writers. A Popular Brony overheard the conversation he was insulted and blocked him..the Brony was upset to a point where he wanted to commit suicide but i think he was exaggerating, but he has you never know. Got to hand it M.A Larson he made an excellent episode, very relatable..well hopefully there is a happy ending like the story but i have to remind myself this is the real life and not Equestria..
  3. yeah i used to like his stuff too but i think he just needs to take a break and think of a different perspective, 4 seasons of any show can really drain you if you spend your time analyzing and nitpicking without enjoying the episode.
  4. i'm starting to wonder how these little ones are going to be able to break Fluttershy.
  5. This is my first fanfic and i always wanted to write about tigers, and i'm a little disappointed there are no tigers within the Everfree Forest so here i am, writing a story about a day of a life for a tiger. Though I love Ponies i have always found the tiger to be majestic animals and worth respecting, here is the first part of the story. Part 1 Deep within the heart of the Ever-free forest dwells a small family of orange to greenish skinned colored tigers. A large female is attending to two cubs within a small cave. A large male tiger is dragging a large deer carcass with his teeth and drops the deer carcass in front of the rest of the family. The female tiger chuckles playfully ',you win this one, but the next one i hunt will be bigger', the male tiger responds 'we will see about that'. The atmosphere starts to change, the male tiger takes a deep breath,' i have not seen our pack kin in many moons i think we are the last of our kind', he snarls as he promises to find out why. He takes another deep breath as he looks at his 2 cubs and feigns a small smile, 'is there something that you wish little darlings', they joyfully scream ''rabbit, rabbit, we want rabbit''. The male tiger gently hits them on the head reprimanding them,'' you have had rabbit for 3 moons now show restraint''. But he caves in and slowly shakes his head when he sees the disappointment in their faces, he minds them that this is the last time for many moons they will have rabbit. They discuss where the next hunt will take place, the male tiger entertained the idea to bring the children along but the female tiger shook her head reminding that they may be the last generations of Ever free tigers and if something happens then the lineage dies with them. The male tiger sheds a tear and sternly nods, 'i will then get a feisty rabbit and bring it home and then, then you young ones will get the practice you need'. The cubs give the father a bright smile and they wrestle each other with the mother watching ensuring that the 2 does not injure themselves. They figured that even though there are a few groups of rabbits that dwell within the forest for some reason the rabbits that also traverse in the forest too in a moon have decided to move elsewhere. The male tiger remembers that he tracked a few rabbits within a cottage near the ever free forest. His wife shakes his head in disagreeing reminding him that if the Ponies in Ponyville see them they may panic and call for help from the other ones from the surrounding lands. Long ago the Everfree tigers used to hunt the ponies that would foolishly enter the woods, though this family has never dined on pony flesh before, they imagined that many of the ponies are too stringy to make a good meal. This caused a huge stir and out of fear the ponies would send search parties to 'take care of them' but for some reason not only has the search parties stopped but no pony has ever decided to step into the Ever free forest again. They agreed to never make contact with the civilians of ponyville under any circumstances and to avoid any contact with them within the Everfree Forest. For many generations Nopony has ever seen an Ever free tiger they have heard rumors of existence, so it would be a very rare chance for anypony in Ponyville to see a tiger. The male tiger stands his ground stubbornly not willing to change his mind, his wife sighs and just asks him to becareful, the male tiger nods as the female tiger comes closer to embrace him and they curl their heads together. As he exits the forest and heads closer to the cottage he reminds himself that the last time he tracked the surrounding grass at the cottage he saw a yellow pegasus with 3 butterflys with Cyan bodies and pink wings on her flank, singing and feeding the animals he was enthralled with her singing voice. For a moment he thought he was almost spotted and hid at a foliage and returned to forest when he was sure all the ponies disappeared from his sight. He shook his head telling himself that will never happen again he was going to be cautious. But at the back of his mind he was still concerned about his kin and promised himself once he returns he will start investigating. He starts to arrive at the cottage and he sees a rabbit is not too far away, he thinks to himself 'let's just get this done and over with ', he hides within the foliage. to be continued
  6. does anyone anything about Hollow Shades or where to find the lore behind the mysterious little city.
  7. season 1 writing was really intelligent and actually sparked a lot of debates especially the Pinkie pie sense one, i suppose the newer ones can but i admit the writing is not as clever but probably more entertaining but the one that sticks to mind is bats, it does reflect the real life issue of the Mauls creek blockade is actually a bigger scale and more serious, there are activists camping hoping to stop further development of the coal mining industry. I also do like how they handle situations realistically such as Filly Vanilli.
  8. i have just bought the original in GOG so i will give it a try before buying the reboot, it will be an interesting experience.
  9. before you say another word Javert listen to me.. joking aside the internet wrestling community is one of the most dysfunctional fanbase than us, then you also have the gaming communities, if you watch gamespot feedbackula there are some funny stuff but it makes me realize how selfish and self entitled we all can be sometimes.
  10. also don't remember my bronivesary.. i think it was half way through 2, i will probably go to Cons with a friend i have not seen in 8 years..strangely the only reason we met is because we wanted to meet Andrea.
  11. Nope, you need to watch the exact ending of the episode.
  12. i wonder will we ever get to see more of the pony of shadows during the rest of the season or will he play more of a part next season, i don't think he should just play a one time antagonist but more of a reoccuring one.
  13. i absoultely loved tangled, but Frozen had better songs.
  14. i wouldn't eat horse meat even before MLP:FIM, but if i was a tiger well that's a different story.