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  1. Pretty good episode. The pacing felt weird but the songs were awesome and made up for said pacing.
  2. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I remember thinking how it would be interesting if each CMC got her cutie mark at a different time but I'm 100% okay with how they all got them at once. Also great to hear the musical aspect of this episode and Diamond Tiara being nice. \o/
  3. Been using Chrome for over four years now, haven't looked back since.
  4. Just thought I'd give you a little "surprise" for your birthday:

    1. Mightymags


      That was great XD

  5. I've had my license for a year now. My current car is a 2007 Subaru Outback. (It's technically still my sister's but she's barely ever home due to college.)


      Have a happy birthday :) (i know it's already late, but hope it counts xD)

  6. This chart has been around for a while you know: Of course there's still plenty of other characters in the show not on this chart.
  7. Emile sucks, Tim is freaking amazing, and Jon has bad luck.
  8. Holy crap that rap was one of the best scenes in the entire show! The first few minutes had me pretty skeptical at first, but it was all made up for by the end. I like how both RD and Twilight learned something.
  9. Subaru Baja. It's a shame they were only made for four years.
  10. Mariners last place in the West?! Screw you.
  11. Alternate title: My Little Elixir: Placebos are Magic This wasn't the best episode, but it was definitely one of the best episodes for Applejack. Her skepticism of the tonic and concern for Granny Smith's safety felt really in-character. Compared to the original Flim Flam episode, I'd say this one was better due to my previous statement. (The Flim Flam Bros. themselves were about equal in both.) I thought it was weird how AJ got money as her key, but hey, it least it wasn't something super predictable like an apple!
  12. Nothing is more pleasurable to my ears than Touhou music.

  13. I've wanted to do a road trip from Washington (where I live) all the way up through Alaska and to the Arctic Ocean. It may be awfully isolated, but I'm not bothered by it too much. Plus the scenery appears to be pretty epic.