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Everything posted by ghostfacekiller39

  1. Rarity > Limestone > every other character

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      >No Trixie

      >No Moondancer


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      Gawn Aiwbaw

      Points for Limey but Limey > Pinkie > Maud > Marble then there's the rest

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      Emerald Shine

      Favorite Ponies?


  2. I agree, actually - except for the idolization and movement part. I don't see anything of that sort in this thread as much as a thread just saying "I miss this guy, does anyone else?" It was a very nice sentiment on behalf of the OP, but I don't really deserve any kind of special attention of any sorts. I'm not necessarily a profound member, and likely all anybody remembers me for is always bickering with the staff/with someone about Rarity. That's fine and all, but I'm not really much special. Someone should just make a "lost members" thread or something, if it doesn't already exist, if they want to remember ded folk like me. -hugs- :grin2: My steam link is on my profile, so hit me up there and add me. I did a cleaning out a while back of people who I didn't ever have any communication with, and I've never been good at one on one conversations with people, but if you want to add me and chat sometime then I'll be happy to.
  3. does anybody even remember me lol

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      Mesme Rize clue. :P

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      Look who returned, isn't this a surprise!

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      Who the fuck are you

  4. Ugh, I am so glad to be done with this place.

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      I hope he responds.

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      Why?! Why do so many nice people leave these forums?! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who isn't leaving.

  5. I just don't really like it when I think something fails to look at a subject from a global point of view and confines it to a nationalistic point of view. Holds everyone back as a whole, in my opinion, because we fail to see things from the perspective of others. That's a pretty big deal to me, honestly, because I feel that nationalism - regardless of what type of government ideology is being used - is something that holds almost the whole world back.
  6. Of course not, but that doesn't mean that I agree with it, and I can't really understand why it deserves it at the moment
  7. Hmm...then I guess it is an accurate representation of what it can lead to, but it never specified that's the way it had to be and made no attempt to even imply as much, so I can't say I agree with the execution entirely - I still get the impression that Communism could be a great thing if not for people like Starlight Glimmer, but it's people like her that make it like that. I will take that into consideration when I begin to perform an actual analysis of the episode, though, instead of just my initial thoughts. Thanks for the feedback, man.
  8. The fact that she used it so easily to her advantage to exercise total control and gain power as many leaders under a communist government have done in the past immediately comes to mind. The way it was portrayed as being inherently a bad thing instead of a good thing also comes to mind. Upon seeing the character and the synopsis of what it was about, people instantly drew lines to communism, man. Maybe you can offer me a line of reasoning that proves it wasn't? Furthermore, even if it wasn't, then I can't say I agree with the execution of the concept it was trying to push because of the implications of it. The writers need to be careful of what they put out there, because if this was communism then it offered a narrow-minded look at the ideology from a nationalistic "we're right and it's wrong" kind of view instead of from a global point of view, which still could've been executed in this very episode without changing the ending, the villain, or anything major about the plot because of the way Starlight Glimmer was executed as a villain, which I would say she was the best villain since Discord or Chrysalis. She could've very well been a Stalin-type individual who used the breaches of an equal society to create a dictatorship. Sadly, though, it tried to take a different approach to it and made everyone miserable and brainwashed, which often isn't the case and just struck me as promoting capitalist nationalism - and I myself believe in a capitlist society, I just really hate it when things refuse to look at a subject of this nature from a global point of view. I can see where some are coming from with the philosophical setbacks of equality, though, instead of the political setbacks. I can see that angle and see it as a valid one. I still can't forgive this episode if it ends up being the case, though, because the writer should've been so much more careful with what he was implying than he actually was - the best rating I'd offer the episode is a 6/10, and that's under the assumption it's from a philosophical standpoint as opposed to a political one, but the sloppy execution holds back what would otherwise be a great morale. I'm sorry, but I don't know what else I have to prove, honestly.
  9. Of course it isn't, but that doesn't mean it has an incapability to reference things in the real world to prove a point, especially when it's done as subtlety as it was there. Furthermore, just because it like that in certain parts of the real world doesn't automatically mean that it isn't like that in Equestria. It's certainly a possibility, and when there's such strong communist undertones coming from Starlight Glimmer's village as well as her being referenced as an Eastern Unicorn, when communism was historically strongest in the eastern part of the globe in the real world, then it's really, really hard for me not to draw that connection.
  10. If that was the case, then it should've been executed in a way that couldn't be so easily connected with strong political undertones. The writer really should've watched his implications if that's what he was going for, and he clearly didn't. Therefore I can't really forgive this flaw even if it was proved to be what you claim it to be and my initial thoughts were wrong.
  11. I didn't like it, honestly. I don't expect the show to have Shakespearean levels of writing, but when it comes off as being nothing more than nationalistic, then it's going to irk me. Communism, at its core, is a good thing. It's just easy to take advantage of and create a situation like the one that was seen in that village. If they had portrayed the villagers as being more than miserable, mindless followers and actually seemed devoted to the cause, and it was Starlight Glimmer just taking advantage of the otherwise good idealism she created, then it wouldn't bother me so much. It wasn't really an accurate representation of a political ideology, and its one that westerners are generally opposed to at that. I see this and I feel like it's trying to force feed right and wrong, and the fact that it did so without any sense of subtlety really annoyed me. I hear many claim that it wasn't going for that. Even if it wasn't, all I could think of when I watched it was Communism vs. Capitalism. You need to be careful with what you're getting across to the viewer, as things like this can end up looking like something entirely different. I couldn't get those representations out of my mind, especially when they referenced it taking place in the eastern part of Equestria. If you're going to do a thing with a political message, please be subtle about it and don't portray one as inherently right and one as inherently wrong, unless it actually is inherently wrong, like fascism or so. So basically, If they weren't doing Communism vs. Capitalism, then they really fooled me quite well and I'll still hold it against this episode due to the clumsy and misleading execution of what they were going for, but it won't hurt my opinion of the episode as much. I'm seeing praise for it everywhere I look, but I found it to be kind of annoying with how it felt like it was going up on a soapbox to preach a political message. Maybe it's just because I like the show for being lighthearted and fun instead of one that uses metaphors to portray a political message, though. Of course, that's not to say its without its positives. I really thought the villain, Starlight Glimmer, was quite effective, for one. I also really liked it when she interrupted Twilight's little soapbox schpiel about friendship xP That was amusing. I also really liked the conflict it presented Fluttershy with - it was either cause innocent people to suffer or put her friends plan into ruination. I liked that moral dilemma quite a bit. Found it rather gripping, honestly. Lastly, the chase scene at the end was very exciting and I liked how it didn't fall back on Twilight, or even the mane 6 for that matter, to save the day, but instead it allowed the people Starlight Glimmer had made suffer the longest exact vengeance. Really liked that aspect of the episode. All in all, I'd give it a 6/10 at best and a 3.5 or 4/10 at worst. Probably the same tier as the Crystal Empire, above the Pilot, and below Princess Twilight Sparkle and Return of Harmony. I need to let it sink in a bit more before providing a review that accurately portrays my feelings towards the episode, honestly.
  12. There was no subtlety. When preaching a political message, you not only need to portray both sides of the argument *accurately*, but you also need to do it without hammering it in. I think it was my least favorite since the first premiere.

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      ...vantage of the otherwise good idealism she created, then it wouldn't bother me.


      But even if it wasn't going for that, all I could think of was communism vs. capitalism. I see one side being communist, and one side being capitalist. I couldn't get those representations out of my mind, especially when they referenced it taking place in the east. If you're going to do a thing with a political message, please be subtle about it. All this felt like was something to m...

    3. CITRUS KING46


      At the very least, the ponies were brain-washed and not mind-controlled, which would have been a too easy explaination for everything.

    4. Sig Hoovestrong
  13. Holy shit, they actually presented Fluttershy with a good conflict for the first time since S2 ...aaand they blew it.
  14. I'll be honest, I really don't like what I saw out of the first half. Maybe it gets better in the second half, though. I'll write about it at length later.
  15. Not responding is generally preferable if someone argues with you without the intent of having an actual intellectual debate. If someone tries to give you hell for your avatar or something, they more than likely fall into that category.
  16. what

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      Oh baby, a triple!

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  17. I can't wait for Friday.

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      Neither can I (:

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      Me too. Friday is payday for me.

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      It's payday for me too xD

  18. <3
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      :3 Feeling musical tonight?

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      It's Music Monday I guess?

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      Mesme Rize

      God yes. I love the beatles. There was a time, where i just listened to them and nothing else.

  19. I'd punch Gilda solely for using such terrible and dated insults.
  20. I remember when Chevette made this gif We were in a Skype call and I needed something Buffalo Man-esque for my profile during that whole fling. Good times
  21. Good. I really, really don't want IDW getting any legitimate recognition from the show just because of how much most of their comics suck in terms of characterization of...err, everyone, pretty much. Just the abysmal quality of their writing in general, really. I'd like to use this picture as another example of something that's wrong with the comics and why they shouldn't be brought into the show's canon: I don't like the comics. At all, honestly. I hate them, even. I just want to get that out there. Putting that aside, I see all sorts of off-kilter continuity that doesn't need to fit into the show, fan pandering galore, horrible representations of the show's original characters while putting the comics' original characters in the glory light..hey, look, it's about 90% of all fanfictions everywhere. Just good, honestly. Keep 'em separate for quality's sake.