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  1. Name: Luminesca Race: Pegasus Position: (hero or villain, one of the classes above) Chosen one, or a main villain! Fate: I would like to live
  2. (sorry I was away for so long, we had auditions for Into The Woods) She shivered. "Hopefully, a long time. It is tiring to keep it at bay without your spell." She thought a bit, and recalled something special about the necklace the spirit had wore. "I know how to tell the fakes apart, though. The necklace... it was red, but if you look closely enough you could see something light blue, like my eyes, glowing inside it, trapped within the rock. She must have imprisoned me, the real me, inside it... and when you fired at her, me..." She looked at Black heart. "You put a small crack. Part of me seeped out, and I regained control. But she's still alive, and she still has the rest of me. But I'm not strong enough to fight her without the rest," She said to everyone else.
  3. She gestured to the duplicates of the necklace around her. "Apparently," She said sullenly. "But we'll probably know it's the one when we find it." They looked at her quizically, for more information. "You know, big scary voice, voodoo body controlling magic, creepy sensations, red fur... Yeah." She pawed (hooved, whatever) at the ground, emerging with a crystal on her hoof. "See, it looks like this. Only not this - Ah!" She could feel the spirit trying to get back at her again, fighting the edge of her mind, trying to break the barrier... but the spell Solstice had cast prevented it. It shrunk into her skull, driving away the spirit like a mental shield, and expanded outwards again, forming another halo. she dropped the crystal to the ground. "Yeah. I... i think I should sit down for a second."
  4. Sweat covered her fur as she fought to gain control. The red vanished. She shook her head wildly, clearing her thoughts, noticing the black halo. "Ugh." She panted. Honestly, why did this particular spirit have to drain all her energy? Luminesca grabbed Solstice's hoof and straightened herself. "Thanks. Again." She smiled, but then her smile wavered. There was a lot of work ahead of them. "Let's get back to work, then, shall we?"She managed a weak grin, and spread her wings again.
  5. Luminesca spread her wings and nodded, then flew off. She scanned the area and dove down, for she saw a glimmer of red. She gingerly pushed aside the charred grass and- "Dang it." It was an aluminum can. She didn't even know how it had gotten there and survived the explosion, but... Ugh, ponies these days. Then she felt a cold sensation, like a flow of icy water being dumped over her. She shivered uncontrollably, and she could hear a maniacal laughter in the back of her head... her eyesight flickered red, but she blinked and it went back to normal. The spirit wasn't all gone, or at least not gone yet. She closed her eyes and clutched her head in her hooves. "Get... Out..."She mumbled, trembling in the burnt greenery. She opened her eyes and gasped. The entire landscape was littered with red pendant necklaces. She groaned in exasperation.
  6. She shivered. "I... I'm not sure. That spirit is strong. I couldn't get my arrow into it..." But she remembered something. The creature... it's necklace. Yes. Luminesca raised a hoof to her neck, where there was a tiny jar of stardust on a cord. The creature had turned exactly the same as Luminesca- except for the necklace. Instead, there was a pendant of the same crystal the spirit was from. "I think... the necklace. She has a necklace. If we manage to take it off somehow... she might be vulnerable!"
  7. Luminesca looked around in surprise. Funny, a few seconds ago she was still in the Equinox. She guessed that was what happened when you jump over dimensions. She cleared her throat. "Yeah, um, so it's really hard to explain..." They looked at her expectantly. "It all goes back to when that crystal thing fell from the sky. I was... holding it." The memories came back to her, crashing down hard like a waterfall. "The crystal... it corrupted me. Something, I think it was the spirit of the crystal or something, came out and took me over... That's why I became red. Like the crystal." Unconciously, she glanced at her hooves, which were their normal color. "So... So I-I attacked. I tried to fight it, but... Well, you know what happened." Suddenly she felt guilty, as if it was her fault. "At the very last moment, when you aimed that thing at me, I split- the spirit taking my form outside of my body, and me... well, yeah, about to die. But I'm alive, and that's what happened." She looked around, and she could see many mixed emotions. She turned to Solstice and beamed. "Thanks for healing me, by the way," She said warmly. "I would've died without your help."
  8. Wait, so you'll be making a thread for voice actors/actresses? Awesome! Can you message me when you do? I love acting XD
  9. "GUYS!" Luminesca screamed. "Stop! You're all friends! Don't argue! Don't fight!" She knew she sounded like a mom, but this was all just... "It's this place. It's giving you the urge to fight, you can't fight, just resist it! Come on!" They all looked at her. She sighed. "Guys. Look. just... calm down. I know I just woke up, but..."
  10. OMG SORRY SORRY SORR Please forget the post above, because i didnt see pg nine and didn't know that I had posted before XDDD Just ignore it please, because I didn't see. Sorry. Sorry. SORRY SORRY SORRY if you can delete it can you? Because I can't delete it. Sorry Sorry Sorry
  11. "Oh. Um." Awkward.................. Nope. Nope nope. Zalogified eyes sort of creeped her out. But she still knew... that it was Solstice. Solstice and nothing more, so she imagined his equestria form. Nice pony, good pony. Nice nice good nice nice nice. But it was really hard to think that way... this place had that kind of vibe. "I... really like your mane?"
  12. "Uh..." True, the zalogified eyes sort of freaked her out. He looked like a demon. But she knew it was still just... Solstice. She forced the equestrian image of solstice in her mind. kind. nice. She managed to get the words out. "I... uh... really like your mane?" She said shyly.
  13. Luminesca nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks to you." So he was general of Princess Eclipse's army? He must be talented. She had done some reading- only the greatest warriors joined that army, and the amount of talent and potential for him to be a general- she shivered slightly. Like he said, he was a killing machine. A nice one, though, She thought.
  14. Luminesca watched them go through a portal, and jumped through as it started to close. She ran to catch up. "Hey." She said, taking in the surroundings. "Um... hi." Talk about akward, snce she had done all those horrible things to them, but it wasn't her fault. They stared at her expectantly, waiting for an explanation.
  15. Okay, daughter of Luminesca. but since her grandma and grandpa are t sparkles parents she can do magic (like with her hands. for example: an energy ball in her hands all all that stuff, you know what i mean? sort of like sunset shimmer did in the human world. without a horn.) Her name is Shadow Cloak (yeah shes one of my ocs and the same age as luminesca but hey i dont have much choices lol just bear with me k?) XD Shes 13, the ideal half pony age Shes a female weapon- sword. magic specialty- shadow magic. As in doing things related to darkness. think nico di angelo style. shes not goth but shes, like I said, sort of nico di angelo style. think of like a girl pony nico. (i didnt intend for that but hey now that I think of it...) Her personality is like sunset shimmer and rainbow dash but like way kinder.