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  1. Combat pistol on my left,and two grenades on my right. |=) Yes,that's right. A PISTOL AND TWO GRENADES.I'm a gun freak. IM JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 |=/
  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :) Enjoying MLP Forums so far?

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    2. MuffinzMan64


      SECOND?! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Jk. Lol. XD.

    3. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      Octavia currently has the position of first. Nothing against Derpy; just like Octavia more.

    4. MuffinzMan64


      In one of the episodes,Trixie appeared in the background THREE TIMES! THREE!!

  3. Really? Us bronies do not worship the big red guy down THERE! If we did,"I love Satan" would be all over the fu*king site.(Probably not,but whatever) Crazy.
  4. Happy Halloween,bronies and pegasisters!

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  5. Thanks for the friend add!(:

  6. You guys realize there's an SCP Containment Breach mod called My Little Foundation:Containment is Magic,right?
  7. Thanks for adding meh! *Hugs* ;)

  8. Thanks man! I appreciate that! =) My favorite pony is Derpy. (How do you use emoticons?)
  9. Just to let you know,my Xbox Live account is MasterBRONY78. |=/

  10. Hey Fluttershy, you're #2 on my Favorite Ponies List! Derpy's #1,sorry.=(
  11. Thank you for teh friend add! :D

  12. DAT IZ DA BEZT BATTL EVUR!!!!!!!!!!11111 But seriously,how come it's just paper whatever's instead of their actual self? I just don't get why its like that.
  13. MuffinzMan64


    Always nice to meet new people to the forums! Hope to see you soon. BROHOOF!
  14. Hey,I like Minecraft too! Anyways, welcome to the forums! You seem cool. I have more to talk about but forget that! Anyways,we'll see ya on the forums. BROHOOF!