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  1. MissDashie

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I wouldn't say pale skin and dark hair look bad on you! Sure, I admit, the top picture is more attractive, but you're pretty good looking in the bottom one too!
  2. MissDashie

    Weird things you said.

    Well, I said this pure gem of dignity when I was forcing, er, persuading a boy I knew liked me to ask me out. "Look Todd, all your teammates sold you out. They told me you like me. So, how about you be a darling and ask me out to dinner, would you please?" And this was said while blocking him in a corner in the hallway. I'm a real paragon of ladylike behavior.
  3. MissDashie

    Plans or Resolutions for 2014

    Gain a little weight. (Yes, that sounds odd for a girl to say, but I am almost underweight, and I need to get up to a healthier weight. Go to a lacrosse game for the first time in my life, since now I have a reason to watch! (My awesome BF plays lax) Finish out high school with a 3.9 or higher, by getting a 4.0 my last semester Not fall flat when I go off to Princeton, but hit the ground running and perform well. And that's about it I guess.
  4. Ugh..... why did I even bother following this link? I mean, what was I expecting to find on a thread titled that? Whatever, to each their own.... ....I still think its really weird though.... :okiedokielokie:
  5. For all intents and purposes, yes, you hit the nail on the head.
  6. Both the show and the movie are, first and foremost, to provide a colorful, flashy commercial plug for Hasbro's toys. Colorful ponies/people of all different colors are much more appealing than different shades of white, brown, tan, and black. Its just an artistic choice to make the show more palatable to little girls, because it makes the animation more vivid.
  7. Fair enough. And I don't mean the ones who simply analyze the show, that's different than what I was addressing. I mean, simply asking the question "Why doesn't Pinkie's Pinkie Sense show up in more than a handful of episodes?" is a legitimate question. Asking "What biological differences does Pinkie posses to have a sixth sense that is so inconsistent and seems to come and go, yet only appears at opportune moments?" is not simple analyzing, its over analyzing. Russians .
  8. That makes sense, and is very articulate. I respectfully disagree with it, but I respect it nonetheless. However, I wasn't aware that other people voiced the same complaints (possibly in a more belligerent way, as it sounds in your blog) as me. I am very new to both being part of any sort of fandom, (the concept was alien to me until like 2 months ago) and to being a member of this forum.
  9. MissDashie

    What do you look for in a Girl/Boy Friend <3

    Well, what I was looking for I found in my current boyfriend, and then some!! Intelligent: Very. He's going to Duke University, the seventh best college in America! Outgoing/Social: I'm working on this one with him, he's a bit shy and worries about what others think of him too much. Athletic/Physically Active: Certainly. He's a wide receiver and defensive back on the football team, and plays lacrosse. Kind/Sweet: He's got this in spades. He is literally the sweetest, most kindhearted boy I've ever met! Attractive: The boy's a prime piece of toned man-meat! Haha that sounded very demeaning to him!
  10. *WARNING* Lengthy rant inbound. This doesn't apply to all or even most of the fandom, but a select few. I have voiced my immense irritation with this fandom's constant negativity (such as whining about new episodes and always complaining and just generally being unpleasable) plenty of times before, so I'm not going to waste my digital breath on that one this time around. This time, I'm taking aim at what I think is the second worst thing this fandom does: Overthink everything, and in doing so, take the magic out of the show. Let me contrast two examples from different media before I go any further. The first is Star Wars. (The original trilogy, not those horrific prequels that I'm still in denial about) There are so many moments in Star Wars that don't really add up, and just plain don't make logical sense. Like Han Solo claiming to do the Kessel run in "12 parsecs" when a parsec is a unit of distance, not time. Or the fact that space battles are illogical because all of the ships act like warships on a flat ocean, instead of in three dimensional space. (For example, why didn't the Rebel Fleet just fly under the Imperial blockade at Endor and attack them from behind, instead of exposing themselves needlessly to the Imperial turbolasers that were only placed on top of the Star Destroyers?) However, we just laugh and handwave those things aside, and generally just make the occasional joke about them. Now, with my second example, I'm going to make an example of what many Bronies would say to this scene theoretically. The scene I am talking about is the closing scene of Ratatouille. Most of you have probably seen it, and I personally find it very heartwarming. However, a typical over-speculating Brony would nitpick the scene to death, asking questions like All Remy did to the Ratatouille dish was add the sauce, anyone could have done that! So why was he even there in the kitchen if the other cooks could replicate his work effortlessly? How did Remy work as head chef at a different restaurant and have nobody find out? I mean, he peeks his head through the window all the time! Are they trying to tell us that everyone is just okay with a rat cooking for them? Why is Ego so much kinder now? It was just one meal, what changed? (Proceed to over analyze a fictional characters psychological profile and speculate on his whole life to explain one bit of character development) Obviously, over-speculating and over-analyzing something, especially a fairly basic and "kiddy" cartoon like MLP, is going to reveal gaps and inconsistencies. SO WHAT?! I enjoy the show and don't over-think every little detail of it, because doing so ruins the fun. Looking at everything through gray tinted lenses and searching for logic and cohesion in a show about pink and purple unicorns and ponies ruled by a winged unicorn that is the Princess of the Sun is illogical in and of itself! Okay, rant over. Thank you very much if you actually read all of my rantings and unladylike ravings!
  11. MissDashie

    How do you avoid Boredom? (Opinion/Discussion thread)

    I just go play a tennis match, that usually does the trick.
  12. MissDashie

    Is your Bf/Gf a Brony/Pegasister?

    Nope. My BF doesn't know anything about ponies, and I intend to keep it that way. He's perfect the way he is, and I think I'd actually find it really weird if he enjoyed MLP...
  13. MissDashie

    Does anyone find shipping arguments silly?

    I didn't even know about "shipping" until joining this fandom. Frankly, its stupid. Yeah, parings that are established by the show are fine, but everything else is just wasteful speculation. Why waste your time arguing that "Applejack x Rarity is best ship" or whatever, when a) it will never ever happen in the show and there are many better uses of time
  14. MissDashie

    Is the art of dating dead?

    I think you just saw an exception. The art of dating, and chivalry for that matter, are both still alive and kicking. I mean, my boyfriend took me on very traditional dates before we officially became a couple, and it worked out great! Although we rarely go on dates anymore, its more just hanging out at each other's houses and doing study sessions together or something to that nature. So I guess it depends on the girl. If she likes being taken out on dates, then there will be guys to do just that for her, keeping "the art of dating", as you call it, alive. However, since I'm low-maintenance and am just as happy staying in and studying together as I would be going out, you cold argue that I'm not following the art or rules of dating.
  15. MissDashie

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Ugh, why are all you hot guys always swinging for the wrong dugout??