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  1. Aniki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I would make an ice pun but I'm way too cool for that.
  2. Aniki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Nurse, you can drop the shock paddles. *sparks hooves together* I won't be needing them.
  3. Welp, that officially made my day.
  4. Haha. Well I guess not all big brothers are exactly the shining example of brotherly love. Can't blame a guy for tryin'.
  5. A big brotherly welcome *back* to the forums Ahri Kitsune! It's too bad more people don't play Dota 2 opposed to LoL. I might have like a total of 3 friends out of everyone I know that play Dota 2. Really tried to get into LoL but after playing that for so long I just couldn't get used to the feel of it. Despite being so similar they are quite vastly different. But that's just me whining haha, I'm sure you'll get settled back in just fine. I've only been around since October so there's no chance I'd remember you; but happy to have you back with us!
  6. My word; I'm rightly offended! WE DUEL WITH DESSERTS AT HIGH NOON. I hope you bring custard... cause it'll be your last stand. :okiedokielokie: (I'll gladly accept my punishment for that) I'd say 25-35 is more of a "ballpark" answer than a precise one. I'm 25 years, and while I do feel old, there's nothing wrong with it. lol But I'd say if you only feel old when you're on the internet you're in good shape!
  7. Back when I was really into Warcraft a friend made me and my sister Horde neck-warmers. They looked absolutely fabulous. But really it's always best to try and think of something unique for yourself. Would I of ever expected to receive a neck-warmer as a gift? Honestly I didn't even know neck-warmers existed until I received it! In the end it's not about the gift that counts, it's the thought behind it. Cheesy but true. (For me at least)
  8. Aniki


    A big brotherly welcome to the forums Voidus Shadehoof! Pretty neat lookin' OC ya got there mate! As long as he's not an alicorn... (for some reason alicorn OCs get a bad wrap here) I'm sure you'll make a lot of awesome friends here mate! Hope you have fun.
  9. Aniki


    A big brotherly welcome to the forums Tik! Honestly, even compared to a lot of Americans your English is superb. So major props for that. Seems WheatleyCore already answered your question about where to post fan-fics. You'll find that we have a very active and friendly community here that are ever eager to help. Hope you have a great time here bro.
  10. Aniki


    A big brotherly welcome to the forums Damonater! I think you'll find most everything you'd ever want to know in the "Help" section of the site. Has all the rules and frequently asked questions from members. But if you ever have a specific question or problem, don't be afraid to ask me or one of the moderators/staff for help. I'm sure someone will be able to help. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums! Hope you have an awesome time here.
  11. A big brotherly welcome to the forums Purple Teal! Was I supposed to read that first part in a James Bond manner? (Because I totally did) :comeatus: Hahaha, I believe your introduction to the show is pretty similar to a lot of what most people experienced. Stages of denial and all that business. Hope you have a good time with us mate. Don't be a stranger!
  12. Aniki

    Hello there

    A big brotherly welcome to the forums Thepumpkinking! This is Halloween, this is Halloween... AWW DANG IT! And now that song is stuck in my head. (Well that didn't take much) :okiedokielokie: I think you'll find most of our members to be pretty friendly and agreeable. Haha, I always say most because I just know if I say all I'm immediately going to be made a liar by one of the few trolls we have lurking around. Hope you have a pleasant experience here with us. Looking forward to see you around the place!
  13. A big brotherly welcome to the forums Hreter! Your English and grammar seems perfectly fine to me broski. I'd say you're doing a ripper job! I try to speak in Japanese all the time to one of my asian friends and still even after 5 years I manage to completely butcher it at times. Glad you stumbled across this friendly little forum mate. I look forward to seeing your contributions and hope you have an awesome time here!
  14. Aniki

    Hello Im Billy!

    A big brotherly welcome to the forums bigballershotcaller! Hahaha, I love that the horse names get more ridiculous as they go on. > Boss Battle Horse Who Makes Me Cry (I died) But dang that's a lot of horses... I can only imagine what it's like taking care of them all. Anyways, I hope you have a good time with us here mate.
  15. A big brotherly welcome to the forums MetBoy! Probably more interesting than my day job for sure; I just load trucks all day. Granted I've always enjoyed manual labor so it's the perfect job for me. Explore at your leisure mate, we won't be going anywhere for awhile. We'll probably wait until they just blatantly make all of the mane six into princesses for some reason and then finally jump ship. Hope you have an awesome time here bro!
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