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  1. Hold on, what’s this? I’m here again? No, this time is to make sure I don’t return for real. I’m getting my account disabled. Finally.
  2. Changing my name and avatar were the second last things I’ll ever do with this account. This status comment will be the final thing. Being in the brony fandom was fun while it lasted, but my brony phase is long over by now. Thank you and goodbye...
  3. Spikey-Wikey

    Where I’ve been...

    Hello, everyone, I last visited this website on September 24, 2015. I lost my password, couldn’t recover, and decided to leave this site behind. I left the MLP wiki (my wikia username is Gavin the Otter, it used to be Spike the Dragon) later on in May 2016. I regret not leaving both sites sooner. After almost 2 years of absence from the MLP fandom, and no intention to return, I’ve decided to just come back here one final time, to tell everyone where I am in life now. In about November 2014, I became really depressed, and it lasted until about March 2015. MLP stuff just brings back too much bad memories, I’m sorry. My interest in MLP came to a halt in about February 2016, and a little bit later on, I realised that I had no interest in the show anymore. I also realised me getting into the fandom was a big mistake. Before I lost interest in the show, I really got interested in furries (primary fandom now), and I also got really into animes like Naruto, Attack on Titan, and kind of Fairy Tail too. I still think MLP is a decent show, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again. On a side note, in about February 2015, I became an atheist, after being a lifelong Catholic. Surprise, I’m a Catholic again, but not a super religious one, as I still hold fairly liberal viewpoints, but not super liberal ones. So, yeah, I’m once again a Catholic. I have nothing against the MLP fandom, as I did make a lot of good friends in it, but I feel like I should’ve left that behind me a long time ago. But I’m back again to end it on a positive note. Thank you for anyone on this website who was my friend while I was here. I’m sorry if I’ve ever upset anyone here or made anyone uncomfortable, but I’m sure we can all put that stuff behind us now. I’ve became much more mature within the past few years, so I’m capable of not making such a mess over stuff now. So, yeah, there you have it. I’m no longer a brony, though I don’t hate MLP at all. I don’t regret getting into this fandom, but I made a lot of mistakes here. If you ever make a mistake, then the only thing you can do is admit it, learn from it, and attempt to not let it happen. I’m glad I’ve met anyone I met in the MLP fandom, because that’s just how things happened in my life, and I like my life. Thank you for reading this, I wish you all good luck in life, goodbye.
  4. Her name is Minuette. But some call her Colgate. I hate it when she is called that >.>
  5. Okay, this will be the last set of questions I'll ever ask... 1.Favourite question I've asked you? 2.What question that I asked fascinates you the most? 3.If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be? 4.Favourite Mario game? 5.Favourite movie?
  6. I am happy with my biological sex. But I wouldn't mind being a female for about 1 day.
  7. I got the game for Christmas (it came with a Wii U) and it's really great! The only thing I dislike is the coin item. Also, the music is good, but I think they should stick to synthesised music.
  8. I'm a furry. Recenetly became, and I'm glad I became one
  9. I'm a homosexual. At first I wasn't keen on it, but now I'm proud of it.
  10. I'm not really a Nickelback fan myself, but I have no clue why people hate Nickelback.
  11. Merry Christmas For Christmas I got a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker (hopefully I'll get Super Smash Bros U for it too sometime). I also got the MLP 2016 annual and a plush of Appa and Momo from ATLA Also a few other things like DVD's and stuff.
  12. It was probably coincidence. MLP isn't really the type of show that would air episodes randomly despite production order.