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  1. Ugh! I still have the same status since months ago!... Well, now i don't, at least until this one gets so old because I couldn't think of anything to replace it.

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      a very surprised scootaloo

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      Wow, a comment on this? I honestly was not expecting that. This is already a more interesting status than the last.

  2. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day!

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      I will translate that as "Happy Birthday," and say Thank you! I may not be on here quite as much as I used to anymore though, if you couldn't tell... How many days has it been since my birthday?

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      A few less 'til your next one!


      I MEAN- lurk, lurk, lurk...

  3. Well, that's easy. Pat is most protective of his adopted sister, and likewise, River is of him.
  4. ((I don't mean to rush, or complain, but this doesn't seem to be going much of anywhere with the story. Do you have something in mind?)) Silver laughed a little to herself at that, as she briefly pictured in her head the sight of the little dragon curled up asleep. Then she realized she had lost track of time and had no idea what time it really was now. Truth be told, she didn't really care very much, but since she thought of it she started to look up and see if she could see the clock tower from where they were.
  5. She listened, and waited for him to finish his sentence, but he didn't. She wanted him to continue, but didn't want to encourage him to. "Um, That's nice, I don't know a lot of foals who really enjoy that type of music. I only really know of the music ponies Canterlot."
  6. She was almost surprised when Rampart finally broke the silence. "Well, I don't really know what to call some of the types of music that are my favorite, but I like to listen to those groups that only use their voices. It's just awesome to hear. And I guess I like a couple pop artists too."
  7. ((I think this site was having some issues earlier or something)) Silver couldn't think of anything to follow up that question. Suddenly she was just speechless, caught between trying desperately to find something else to say, and enjoying the moment of silence they seemed to be frozen in. She half wanted something to break the silence, as it was getting more awkward as it went on, but there was almost a certain peacefulness to it. She wasn't sure what to do besides avoid looking at Rampart.
  8. "I'd hate to spoil a good book, I don't like spoilers either." She said in reply. "Where did you find him?" She asked, referring to Flint as her gaze broke from watching the fish in the pond, to the dragon wandering nearby. She wondered what other ponies might think if they saw him.
  9. ((Forgive me for my cheesy parodies)) "Hard to decide..." She said while staring at the fish as well. "I liked the "Lord of the Horseshoes" series very much. It took a long time to read all three books, and they were a bit challenging to read, but it was definitely worth it. And another favorite of mine is the "Redfence" series."
  10. "Oh, I don't know exactly, I have a lot of favorites. I like fantasy, that's probably my most favorite type of story. I uh, sometimes enjoy a good romance story I guess... Only if it's good though." She said, as she tried to remember any of the writer's names from the books she'd read.
  11. She blushed a little, and thought briefly about the idea of her very own book being famous, Then she snapped back to reality, and realized that this was just about the most normal conversation they had had. It was going so well, and she wanted to keep it going this way. "Well, thanks... Do you... like to read? I mean, anything in particular? A favorite writer?"
  12. ((Sorry, for taking so long...)) "Well, actually, I'm interested in writing too." Silver replied, surprised that he seemed to be interested in the same thing. "I mean, of course I have other interests, but I have had some ideas and I have wanted to write a book for a long time. Maybe some day, it'll be my hobby or something."
  13. She thanked him again, for holding the door for her. It felt a bit awkward that neither of them were saying much, but she was at least relieved that he wasn't saying anything scary. It was in fact, part of the reason why she had remained silent for so long. But they couldn't remain silent forever. "What do you want to do, you know... later, when you get older? Like... a job, or something?"
  14. Silver cringed upon watching the dragon tear through the meat, and made an effort to avert her gaze and focus on finishing her meal. He had finished his sandwich before her, and when she heard him say that he was ready to get going, she finished the last few bites she had as fast as she could, and notified him that she was ready as well.
  15. She simply waited silently for him to finish, and then pass her the finished sandwich, not really caring what he put in it. "Thank you" She said quietly, and pondered past events as she sat down to eat it. The dragon, upon being released gave her a bit of a start, and she realized she had briefly forgotten it.