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Status Updates posted by Photon Jet

  1. Happy Rarity Day everypony! Let's get fabulous!

    1. Kyoshi


      That instantly made me think of Rarity styled like Darkwing Duck.

      Darkhorn Rarity! :darling:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Kyoshi When there's a fashion emergency you call Rarity in a hurry. :D

  2. Welcome back, Banjo & Kazooie! We've missed you both so much!

  3. That was a cute episode.

    1. CypherHoof


      It was, but I had forgotten how irritating the ad breaks were.

      Flutters is always cute though, and Angel is always... not :)

  4. As of today, I've now struck 27 at exactly midday. But no matter what, I'm still young at soul!

  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. Happy birthday! :D

  7. Happy birthday! :D

    1. TailsIsNotAlone


      I'm a little late checking in, but thank you very much!

  8. Happy birthday! :D

  9. Another good episode. Looks like we're bringing all the things together for the big finale later on.

    (I bet that juvenile troublemaker, Cozy Glow caused the live-stream I'm on to crash. To think I hate her more already...)

  10. I must say, The 101 Dalmatian Street is quite enjoyable to watch on television. Even though it's fast-paced with some hit-or-miss moments, the quality of the show is good. I can relate to Dylan in most of the moments he's in.

  11. Happy Friendship Day everypony! Let us spread the magic of friendship for my soon-to-be-ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle, along with her best friends.

  12. My oh my. Out of all the new Pokemon Sword and Shield details so far, I never expected Galarian Weezing at all. They never fail to surprise us.

  13. I've read that Microsoft, Activision and Nintendo are disclosing a loot box drop rate. Could this be like next year they are going to scrap micro-transactions under the Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act?I hope so.

  14. I swear Super Smash Bros. Ultimate keeps getting better and better and better.

    1. CypherHoof


      So, it is penultimate because the next one will be better?

  15. The Hero from the Dragon Quest series will be making his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate very shortly! I'm so looking forward to using him when the update's released!

    1. Angus Delaney

      Angus Delaney

      All I will say about him is that he looks busted and has way too much RNG.

  16. I've watched a new YouTube series that has a lot of potential called 'Meta Runner'. It includes video-games and one of our favorite SMG4 characters. Check it out if you wish.

  17. I've been playing Splatoon 2 like non-stop to get myself prepared for the Final Fest.

  18. Seeing the Splatoon theme in Tetris 99 made me love the game even more.

  19. Don't you just love it when the weather is bright, clear...and hot?

  20. Attention all Splatoon 2 players!

    This is it! The grand finale! The crepe la creme! The Final Fest will be upon us next week at 13:00 UK time!

    We've had brilliant Splatfest events every month since the very start with our two favorite Off the Hook duo, Pearl and Marina. They were some ups and there were some downs, however we're still together no matter what. Until today...

    The Final Fest will be the one and only event that determines the fate of the Splatoon world in the next game. Could we see an initial breakup between Pearl and Marina? Could we possibly see a new antagonist in our midst? Even I myself don't know what would happen and I dread to think about it depending on the result.

    It all comes down to the two teams of the apocalypse: Team Chaos and Team Order and I found two fitting characters for both of them!

    It's now up to you to decide which goal you are striving for. Would you...


    Join forces with Team Chaos and Dharkon to spread chaos among the vast land, creating a world where no rules are allowed and every creature can do whatever they want, even if it means survival...


    or join forces with Team Order and Galeem to bring order to the world where everyone falls under the rule of the lord as an act of peace?

    Pick your choice carefully because you won't get a second chance after this. If you choose which side you are on, you MUST battle to achieve your goal by any means necessary.

    May you bring your ultimate game to the Splatfest next week and don't hold anything back! The final battle, is upon us...


  21. Happy Independence Day everypony in America! 

  22. You would not believe how annoying the RSI (repetitive strain injury) I'm currently having is. 

    1. Kyoshi


      Yeesh. A favorite youtuber of mine has had a long history with that stuff. Seems painful. xc

    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I've been getting treatment for it but now, I'm gonna rely on my left hand more until the pain goes away.

  23. keep...track.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I know, right? 

  24. Seeing all these users saying "No National Dex in Pokemon Sword & Shield = Game sux" like it's the end of the world just grinds my gears. They need to learn to be more mature and not jump to an early conclusion because of one single thing. Patches do happen now and again so I believe they'll find a solution to the problem no matter how much time it would take. 

    Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh but I don't like it when a game is being bashed before it even got released. This reminds me of that Fame and Misfortune episode and it's pretty much like that.

  25. I know this is very late but happy Cerlestia Day everypony! Princess Celestia sure has changed a lot when she's not doing her princess duties.