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  1. Hello everypony. I have a big announcement to make.

    As I looked on Equestria Daily this morning, it HAS been confirmed that Season 9 us the last season of MLP. That piece of news did hit me the moment I saw it. However, this was not the reason why I came up with this. I want to talk about how I was feeling beforehand.

    You see, many users were discussing about the information that was 'leaked' earlier ago which got me kinda agitated. Whenever I saw such stuff that's been unconfirmed so far, I tend to go in denial, not believing all the stuff everypony's been talking about. As some of you may already know, I've posted a topic why discussing leaks is a bad idea down here:

    But now after I saw the confirmation from the Big Cheese itself...(See what I did there?) I can honestly's been a fun ride. I enjoy seeing my favorite characters take the spotlight, especially Starlight Glimmer. The only things the series can do now is end with a bang. All the adventures they've had were spectacular. But this does NOT mean they're not doing any more adventures entirely. We all can still make up our own stories, solving more friendship problems wherever they go, taking down the forces of evil.

    All that's left now is hope the next generation will definitely meet up our expectations. I know that the new Littlest Pet Shop shorts got me intrigued on its' animation and humor so I hope the same applies to it. You know what they say: the end of a story marks the beginning of a new one.

    Thanks for reading everypony.