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  1. There's a wildfire taking place in a part of my country. I hope it gets extinguished as quickly as possible.

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I really hope you’ll be fine and they put it out quickly. :kindness:

    2. EpicEnergy


      Stay safe! I hope the wildfire gets extinguished soon as well. 

  2. Today marks the day of a princess who taught us the wonderful magic of friendship. Back in the first episode, we all were like her. But as time went on, we too opened our hearts. Every episode we've learnt something new and put our princess one step closer to evolution. She made spectacular achievements. Becoming an Alicorn, earning the title as the Princess of Friendship, reformed characters and made them loveable, opened the School of Friendship for the newer generation to learn and now, she's the beloved ruler of Equestria. We're all so proud on how much she's evolved. We couldn't have it any other way. I salute you Twilight Sparkle, princess of all friendship. May you and your super best friends continue bringing hope and joy to everyone not only in Equestria but in our worlds too. We will never forget your inspiration, ever. Happy Twilight Day everypony. Friendship truly is magic.
  3. Whew...It's blazing hot in my country. Times like this I wish I could chillax at a beach.

  4. It's the day of the dragons! Happy Dragon Day everypony!

  5. I see that you're open for commissions. I was wondering if you could do a flat-colour headshot of my OC? If not, then I understand and apologise for any inconvenience caused. If yes, my OC is in my profile icon but here's a larger image for better reference:
  6. What a way to celebrate Splatoon 2's 3rd year anniversary. We have 3 more revival Splatfests heading our way! Booyah! 

  7. Happy 3rd year anniversary Splatoon 2! You're the freshest game on the Nintendo Switch!


    Photon Jet the Inkling Close.jpg

  8. Any of you watched the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase? If yes, what did you think of it?

  9. In my opinion, I didn't find these episodes as memorable as the ones from last week. Probably because they were all at full-throttle before we could react to the jokes. It's like diving into a sudden high-speed space battle: However, it does have good morals and it's nice to see two of the pets again and a reference to a Friendship is Magic episode. I would say who they are and what I'm referring to but, eh...spoilers. I would find it better if the episodes didn't rush as if their life depends on it. But if kids enjoy these kind of cartoons, they are entitled to their own opinion.
  10. I have more of a high-pitched voice whenever I speak. Not the same pitch as a mouse by the way. Here's what I sound like. Pardon the quality because this was my first time recording my voice:
  11. I did like the part where Rarity was impersonating Gollum. Gosh, Tabitha's such a talented voice actress to come off with a stunning performance like that.
  12. I'm thinking about getting Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated because I used to love playing the original back then.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I will! Hope the remake's as great as the original.

    3. Deerie


      Have no clue but maybe it’s worth a shot

    4. DixonTheAdversary


      I personally enjoyed it, so much that I 100% it already. The only real gripe I have with it is the load times when you die are a little on the longer side (10 or so seconds), which really disrupts gameplay.

  13. Oh no, we're sorry to hear that from you...