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  1. Im really chill about everything until it comes to playing baseball or someone trying to correct me when im right, back when i still played ball if i would strike out i wouldnt talk to anyone until i got up to bat again and id pretty much try and smoke the ball right back at the pitcher. i put dents in brand new bats all the time and broke a few helmets. lol but now that i dont play im as chill as can be it takes alot to set me off
  2. Thank you for the critiques! You hit the nail on the head talking about the exposure, im still learning the ins and outs of my camera so i havent messed around with that a while lot yet and i do way to much photoshopping (mostly since i just like playing with it!) I agree on the first one the background is really noisy, but the club is meeting at a different location now so hopefully that will solve that problem. Not sure why the second picture is so grainy i had my iso set at 200 i believe but i went a little overboard with photoshop on it too. The Third one i had hopes for but it didnt turn out quite as nice as i hope i hadn't really noticed the slant but now it really stands out, i tried farther back when i shot it but the lot ended right there and was just a bunch of dead grass and didnt look to good. And the fourth one is 3 years old or so with a junk camera i just like it lol. Thank you for the advice though i really appreciate it! I have quite a bit of reading up to do now before i go shoot some more tomorrow . Again thanks for the tips maybe ill post some up after i shoot some tomorrow with the exposure better and way less photoshopping! lol How long have you had yours? ive had mine since it rolled off the transport in 04 so maybe your stalking me! haha. Mine looks a little different now mach1 grill delete cobra side skirts and a blue and white pony! plus lots of go fast goodies haha Yeah people dont really like the third one lol it didnt quite work how i wanted it
  3. Thank you kindly! heck one of my best pictures i took was with a crappy 8 meg camera and it still looks better than some ive taken with my dslr lol. yeah its really hard to shoot at a car club meet with everyone walking around ive got another one this week so i might post up a couple more at some point. oh and heres the picture i took with that little 8 meg still my favorite picture of my car!
  4. Really impressive! i could never do something like that in 30 min it would take me a year haha
  5. Thanks! always nice to see other gearheads around the fourm! I actually meant to post a different version of that third one oops! Im going to take some more at the spot where that lighting was it turned out alot better than i thought it was going to. Yeah these were at a car meet it was a pain people kept walking into my shots lol
  6. howdy everyone! i though i would post of some of the pictures ive taken recently. I usually just take picture of my own car but i had a few people ask me to do theirs so i figured i'd take this up as a hobby that pays a little bit lol feel free to off any critiques or criticisms im still pretty much a noob at this!
  7. if i had a pc i would use that. Great job!
  8. Finally able to come check out the fourms again! Finally done with school and moving

  9. Im just about finished with my mechanical/automotive engineering degree. i enjoy using science as my excuse to blow things up, followed by, dont worry im an engineer lol
  10. Im a huge fan of any ww2 era planes i've flown in a two seat p-51d and a b-17. The Mustang is my favorite followed by the f-86, B-52, B-47, c47, and i guess pretty much everything else haha. i had planned on joining the air force since my grandad flew in ww2 and dad flew b-52's and my sister is a lt col in the air force but my eyesight was bad enough that even with lasic i still couldnt fly fighters so i said screw it. didnt really want to fly cargo planes lol. going to work on my pilots license next year though
  11. Garth Brooks lives in my hometown and my friend is related to him so i get to go to his house sometimes hes a nice guy he knows me by name and says hi around town. Besides that ive met ben stein he was pretty cool and i got to talk to him for a bit.
  12. i raced at laguna seca last year and the corkscrew made me about pee myself the first time i went over it at speed. lol
  13. back in highschool i had my group of friends i sat with while we ate but i would jump around to different groups. our high school was broken into so many cliques it was crazy, it was fun being in the "popular" group and going and sitting with the "unpopular" group they were way more interesting and nice! Plus it annoyed all the stuck up snobs In college now i dont really have a set lunch time ever so i usually eat alone but i do sit down at tables sometimes and end up having a good conversation with random people
  14. Coming from a ford guy good choice lol my girlfriend just bought one they are nice little cars
  15. I havent played GT5 yet but i play forza almost every day! my favorite cars on it are my lotus elise and then my ford gt thye are both perfect for the classes i have them in