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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. @Witch Hi, are you still looking for players? It's been a while since I've been in an rp and seeing your premise, I would love to join in with a new Changeling oc I'm making.
  3. When I made an account on this website. Though really I became a fan when I read Past Sins
  4. @@Once In A Blue Moon, Standing in the middle of the hall, Cura was honestly surprised to hear a voice call out to him. Expecting it to be one of the many guards in the castle, he certainly wasn't expecting to see the orange unicorn nurse from earlier trotting towards him. Normally, if you weren't a unicorn studying a unicorn dominated field such as medicine, most ponies tended to ignore you at best or look down on you at worst. It was far from fair but Cura had grown accustomed to it. Apparently, this nurse, who swiftly introduced herself as Red Apple, seemed to be an exception to the rule as she not thanked him again for his part in saving the Corporal Roughshod's life, who Cura was happy to hear would pull though, but also offered to show him the castle's medical center. Stuck speechless by the unexpected praise, he could only nod dumbly as he followed Red Apple to the castle's medical center. The medical center, in short, was incredible, full to the brim with some of the best medical supplies and doctors that Equestria had to offer. As that wasn't good enough, it seemed that having the personal blessing of the king had it advantages and Cura, after indulging himself with fore-promised cake and hot coffee, had in no time at all acquired more than enough medical supplies for the journey ahead with Red Apple's help. However, a problem itself when a guard arrived stating that the airship was readying to depart immediately and that his presence was required in the air-dock. Turning from the guard back to the supplies that had been mostly piled onto a stretcher, one question entered his mind. How exactly am I going to move all that? Thankfully, after a small amount asking, both the guard and Red Apple agreed to help him move the supplies; the guard taking any supplies that couldn't fit on the stretcher Cura and Red Apple were taking. Despite the heavy weight of the stretcher, the trip from the medical center to the air-dock wasn't all that bad, Red Apple and Cura engaging in small talk to pass the time. However, Red Apple eventually ended up carrying the conversation as Cura focused more and more on ignoring the growing burning sensation of his wings as he carried one end of the stretcher. Finally, after navigating the seemingly endless hallways in the castle, they reached their destination, staggering on board the airship. Placing the supplies to the side for the moment; Cura heaved a sigh of relief that the horrible experience was finally over with as he stretched his wings, trying to rid himself of the burning sensation within them. It was then that Red Apple dropped a bombshell. Stopping mid-stretch, Cura turned to face the pleading face of Red Apple. Glancing to who he assumed was the captain, he watched her only shrug and trot away, apparently content to leave the decision up to him. Looking back to the unicorn, Cura expression morphed into one of consideration. Wellll...he mentally debated...I'm sure we could always another medically trained unicorn and she's been nothing if not friendly up to this point...I don't see much of a reason not to have her along. Scratching the back of his head, Cura replied, " Sure, if you're that personally invested then I don't see much reason not to." With that matter settled, Cura began the long task of sorting away the supplies, only pausing when the captain called him to the deck. Gazing at the rather ominous clouds, Cura found himself in agreement with the rest of the group when they decided to go around the clouds. With that put to rest, Cura had just started heading back to sort though the last of the medical supplies when the zebra came up to the captain and overheard him claiming that he could lead the ship though though the clouds unharmed. Interested and just a bit skeptical , Cura trotted up to him and asked, " Just how exactly do you plan to do that?"@@Chip Circuit,
  5. Ailbon's words echoed in Cura's mind. Greater mental acuity and focus but at the cost of it eventually driving me insane with the desire to help others...Suddenly this sounds less like a blessing and more like a curse. A frown forming on his face as he slowly raised himself back onto his hooves, Cura almost missed the nurse's quick nod and smile of thanks. After a moment, taking another look at the guard, a the small hint of a smile formed on Cura's lips as he swiftly recovered his belongings. However, the results speak for themselves. My quick actions, assisted by this "tarot" or not, saved that guard's life Maybe the results are worth the risks...pushing the issue out of his mind for the moment, Cura hurriedly trotted off after Ailbon, unsure of where the unicorn was taking him. The spartan decor of the castle halls and the conversations of the rest of the group made time pass quickly as the finally arrive to their destination. Cura, who up until this point was paying close to the group's conversation, was struck unprepared as a pair of doors in front of them opened. The contents of the room were impressive to say the least. Dozens of crystals of various shapes and sized hung suspended around the room, all seemly centered around a red crystal the dominated the room. Around the crystal were dozens of different ponies doing an assortment of different tasks, none seemingly less important than another one. Taking a few seconds to take it all in, Cura turned back to the group, quickly noticing the mixed expressions of a few of ponies around him. The mare that had shared a joke in the last room seemed particularly uncomfortable. Though, what was most curious was that the ponies flanking her seem to bristle at the sight of her discomfort, scanning the room much as if to determine what was causing the mare's discomfort. Speaking of which, I don't think I've ever seen those two leave her side this entire time...I wonder why? He was distracted however, when Dr. Wilhelm and who Cura assumed was the lead pony on site began to discuss purpose of the room and while some of the finer points escape, after all advanced magical theory had never been his area of expertise, what he could gather quite frankly disturbed him. So if we fail, this is the last resort. A weapon that will not only destroy the demonic forces, but take a fair chunk of Equestria with it. A chill running down his spine at the thought, Cura took in the weapon with the somber expression somepony would give to an object that could everything he's come to know over these last few years. Giving a depressing chuckle, Cura gazed at the room him. Well at least some would say the stakes could scarcely be higher. However his small attempt at dark humor did little to improve his mood and now thoroughly uncomfortable with staying in the same room as their last resort, Cura chose to pursue his one of his earlier curiosities, the rather odd mare and more importantly the two ponies flanking her. Catching her leaving the room, Cura followed her, hoping to at least question her about her guards seemed to be a better term due to their behavior. I can't quite put my hoof on it but something seems off about her guards.They're fiercely protective of her, even willing to face the king himself with barely a second of hesitation. That and something about their movements, there's t a certain amount of jerkiness with each of their movements, more than there would be naturally. Lastly, unlike the rest of the group, they've always seemed slightly dis-concerned about the situation as a whole, only ever really taking an interest when they felt the mare was threatened or severely uncomfortable. Rather strange indeed. Realizing that while he was consumed in his thoughts he had himself lose eye contact with the mare, Cura picked up the pace. Rounding a corner he swore that the mare had taken, Cura found himself faced with an empty hallway. Undeterred, he continued along the various hallways, trying to catch sight of the mare. Finally, after what felt like an hour and with his frustration building, Cura entered yet another empty hallway. Well it's official. I'm lost...Now what? @@Once In A Blue Moon,
  6. Guys got to take a second here and apologize for not posting in forever, just been having a bit of trouble in finding enough time to write a post. My last post hopefully though should put me back up to speed.
  7. @@Once In A Blue Moon, The guard's injury had been for worst than Cura had initially anticipated. The guard's neck had suffered serve blunt force trauma, possibly crushing his airway and preventing him from breathing if his expression was anything indication. He could only have minutes to live, at most. Cura guessed as he tore though his saddlebags, looking for tools necessary to preform an emergency tracheotomy, the only operation he could think of that could save this guard's life. Pulling out a old lighter, a half-empty bottle of scotch, a straw, some masking tape, and quickly placing them next to him. Cura ran a mental checklist of what still needed, I still need something to make the incision as well as something to stop any possible bleeding. Scanning his surroundings, Cura felt time slow to a crawl, every little detail coming into focus greater than he thought previously possible, he searched for anything that could suit his needs. Locking on to the guard's spear only a few feet away, Cura swiftly reached out for it, pulling it alongside him. Now for the bandages, noticing the guard's cloak that was easy enough to acquire, using the spear to carefully cut the cloth into neat long strips. Ready to begin the procedure, Cura called for one of the guards to send help as he unbottled the scotch and while holding it in one wing, poured it on the spear, making sure to partially coat the metal tip. Hastily checking that the shaft was still dry, Cura placed the bottle to the side and grabbed the lighter. With a spark, Cura lit the tip on fire and patiently waited for the alcohol to burn off. With the alcohol burned away, Cura glanced once again towards the guard, his condition of worsening at a frightening pace. Now for the tricky part, Grabbing with the spear with both wings and steadying both himself and his patient to the best of his ability, Cura, with the skill of a practiced surgeon, carefully made an incision into the guard's trachea under his previous injury. In the back of his mind, Cura realized that to anypony nearby, it would seem as if Cura was trying to kill the guard but he didn't care. With blinding speed, he threw the spear to the side and grabbing the straw, inserted in with the guard's airway, allowing the guard to finally breath once again as Cura used to both the makeshift bandages and tape to secure the straw and stem any bleeding. Giving one last check to ensure he had done everything correctly, Cura let out the breath he didn't know he was holding and fell to his haunches, relieved and exhausted. It was done.
  8. Still doubtful about the King's words about demons, Cura patiently observed as the white unicorn drew a deck of rather unusual cards and after showing that there were no duplicates of any one card. Raising a brow in integument, Cura watched as the unicorn began to manipulate the deck, cards spiraling around in an impressive display as the unicorn shuffled the deck. However, Cura's interest rose as a card was placed face down in front of him. Upon its reveal, Cura couldn't resist as a strange feeling began creeping upon him, as if the the golden-haired Changeling on the card was beckoning him to touch the card. His mind strangely becoming calm and at ease, Cura slowly started to raise his hoof when the card was withdrawn into the deck, its effects immediately beginning to dissipate. However the feeling show returned as the card was drawn again, intensifying even when five cards were drawn from the deck. He even could have sworn one of the Changelings waved her hoof for him to come closer before the cards were withdrawn into the deck. Shaking his head as the effects stopped, Cura noticed that his hoof was now resting a few spaces away from where the cards once were. Was that the power of the Tarot? He thought as he quickly withdrew his hoof to his side again. Taking note of his surroundings once again, he managed just in time to witnessed the horrid transformation of the World card before the white unicorn was suddenly sent hurtling across the room and the room was plunged into darkness. Stuck off-guard, Cura struggled to regain his bearings as the sounds of a scuffle broke out, ending with the fading sound of galloping hooves as the light reemerged. Scanning around the room, he quickly spotted three ponies laying on the floor. One, a guard, was rather obviously dead. Another was clutching his throat with an expression of pure terror upon his face. The last was in a help against one of the walls. Noticing that ponies were rushing to the one near the wall first, Cura galloped towards the terrorized guard. Reaching the guard, Cura leaned over him and calmly spoke, barely noticing Wilhelm's own inspection as he attempted to get a response from the guard, " Hey, how you doing? Can you hear me? I need you move your hooves away from your neck so I can see the damage. Nod your head if you understand." I need to move that guard's hooves otherwise I will not be see the extent of the damage. @@Orion Caelum,@@Once In A Blue Moon,
  9. Giving a look that some confuse with one of shock, Cura could only stare in disbelief at the King's words, Is he serious?! I know that's he's the King and all but does he realize just how unbelievable that sounds? Much to his amazement, most of the ponies around him only seemed to look as if this was already common knowledge. One across the room, a zebra, even asking if it was possible to save the fallen princesses as another asked if they were similar to 'mutants' . Puzzled to say the very least, especially at the mention of 'mutants' by the mare, Cura decided to at least give the King the benefit of the doubt as Cura cleared his throat and asked, his words tinged with a hint of doubt, " Excuse me, but what exactly did Princess Twilight unleash at Ponyville? My own knowledge on the matter is next to nothing? Also, I know that I was touched by this 'Tarrot' and given some sort of power but could you explain further what exactly is this power?" @@Once In A Blue Moon,