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  1. Happy Birthday, Glitter Bloom! I like your pony!

  2. It's a tie between Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra and traditional cookie dough ice cream! However, the Karamel Sutra is so fantastic that it has to trump it all. Usually it's overpriced - like all Ben & Jerry's products - but it's SO worth it!
  3. Both my husband and I love buying the blind bags and, because the codes are online, we make a list of the ones we want and then decipher by the codes. It's the only way to save yourself from wasting a lot of money. However, the new bags don't seem to have a code on them which is discouraging. Overall, though, we never care if people give us dirty looks. Don't be ashamed of being a brony in public...it just means you're fabulous! While they are buying the latest romance novel or DVD from the discount bin, you are living in the enchanted land of Equestria with all your brony friends!
  4. GlitterBloom

    That's Gay

    I just see it as an immature phrase that people who can't think of anything better to say use. Like most people who replied here, I believe it is very outdated and it no longer bothers me when I hear it. Being part of the LGBT community, I used to be very offended by it and took the time to educate people on why it was so terribly wrong to say. Now I roll my eyes and think they need a copy of a thesaurus to find better adjectives to use.
  5. I was Disney obsessed! I remember wanting to grow up and be a Disney princess when I was a child, getting so excited when a new Disney movie came out, and playing with all the McDonalds and Burger King Disney toys. Back in those times, we're talking the late 80's and early 90's here, the dolls were SO expensive! So I only had the happy meal toys and I loved playing with them during recess. I think I'm still a bit obsessed with Disney princesses.
  6. From what I've read so far of the comics, only a few issues, I definitely enjoy them. I wasn't all together happy with the way the 3rd season went (it felt a lot different than the first 2 seasons), so the comics had the kind of story development I came to love from the first 2 seasons. I'm hoping the comics stay fabulous because, so far, I look forward to reading them! More Soarin though would be nice. I never get enough of him in the show!
  7. GlitterBloom

    Once Upon A Time...

    Thank you everyone for responding to my post! It seems I really have found a good community and I'm certainly grateful of it! One of my favorite hobbies involves writing and, though both my best friend and I are reaching our 30-somethings, we are both planning to write a collaborative story involving our own original characters in Equestria. I'll definitely post the link when I have it. Writing, for me, is fun as long as there's no pressure involved. With pony fiction, I think I'll find a good outlet for my need to scribe! Thanks again and friend requests have been sent!
  8. They need to bring back Soarin pronto! He is my favorite pony in all of Equestria, and I think he has some personality that would make episodes more fun. I adore Soarin! <3
  9. There was a bored married woman with a full time job who saw little value in television shows. Reading bored her, even internet gaming lost its original luster, and she was practically miserable in her free time. Then, perchance by magic or a lack of a good immune system, she developed a cold and was stricken to the living room couch with nothing but the wide glare of Netflix looking back at her. Taunted by such an open world of entertainment she rarely explored, she happened upon a familiar show. "A cartoon", she asked with a sniffle and cough, "about ponies? Like the one from the 80's!" How
  10. I can't exactly remember the month I became an official "brony", but I remember how it happened. It was about a year and a half ago and I had a terrible cold, called into work, and had Netflix in front of me with tons of options. My best friend often told me about MLP:FiM and, being a child of the 80's, I remembered the original cartoon and assumed it was an update of what's already been done. Suffice to say, with some hot tea and a good blanket, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. This new show was nothing like the slightly cliche, simple show that was in the 80's! My husband came home fr
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