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  1. In the fandom, Pinkie's mother is referred to as "Sue Pie" her father as "Clyde Pie" her sister with purple eyes "Inkie Pie" and her sister with gold eyes "Blinkie Pie". Some people as refer to Inkie as being a young Octavia. In the comics, Pinkie's family members receive names by calling her mother Cloudy Quartz, her father Indigenous Rock, her purple-eyed sister Marble, and her gold-eyed sister Limestone. They also mention another sister who was never shown or named. In "Pinkie Pride" (S4E12) Pinkie looks at an old photograph of her family and the third sister is seen for the first time havi
  2. PrincessoftheNight

    Private The new Elements

    @ Minath Khalsi Melody watched as the other ponies in the room interpreted the situation in their own ways. Celestia said I had to be the light of wisdom when all others have been snuffed out. Does that mean my element is wisdom? It may seem silly to not know the element you posses, but Melody had always seen life in a different perspective. Wisdom? Me? This must be a mistake! I...I just.... Did she make a mistake? She shook her head. It can't be mistake, the princesses don't make mistakes with something like this.
  3. PrincessoftheNight

    Private The new Elements

    @ Commander Tangent Melody Ink sighed in relief. Standing straight and with a hint of sophistication in her voice she replied, "My name is Melody Ink. You may address me as you wish." She pulled the letter from the princess out of her saddlebag. "I was summoned her by Princess Celestia, although it appears that she is not here at the moment." She glanced over her shoulder for any sign that the princess was coming. Turning back to the pony with the mask she said, "And who might you be?"
  4. PrincessoftheNight

    Private The new Elements

    "Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Melody Ink panted as she ran through the streets of Canterlot heading to the castle. "How did I know I would be late?" As she reached the gates of the castle, she looked up to find the location of the tallest tower. She sighed. "I'm not going to have enough time to reach the tower before the princess arrives!" she said to herself. If she's not already there! Using her magic, Melody teleported to the tower. Arriving at the door, she tried to compose herself; fixing her messy mane, straightening her saddlebag, and making sure that she looked like anything but a teen
  5. The general information that you listed will be enough, and I may ask for additional information only when necessary. Most of this will play out as you intend to do, and I will make amendments as necessary. I have a lot of spare time, so I'll either be here or on my deviantart page.
  6. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/melody-ink-inky-r4828 Here you go. If you need more, I have many on my deviantart page
  7. Scripting? I'll do it! I've been writing comic, and school-play type scripts for years so this comes almost naturally to me. Now, I'll admit beforehand that I have a hard time explaining things like this to people who have trouble comprehending it so if you'd like, I could do scripting for you rather than telling you how I think you should have it play out.
  8. @ Minath Khalsi Of course. I promise to not make her go insane towards anypony here. Thank you so much for letting me join!
  9. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/melody-ink-inky-r4828 Melody Ink is betraying the rulers because she's always been a bit of a rebel at heart and is quiet fond of the written word. I know you said that we need to put a picture of Rarity fighting a giant crab but I just joined and I have no idea how to do those kind of things. :/
  10. Is anypony able to join in here? All the elements are taken but if you ever go near the Everfree Forest, Melody Ink (http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/melody-ink-inky-r4828 ) may be of use to you.
  11. PrincessoftheNight

    New in the Herd.

    Well howdy there! Glad y'all could come an' enjoy this here party!
  12. Pinkie Pie. I would make an effort to resist being her friend for the longest time possible. And I would hate her before she even has a chance to hate me. I'll hang with Pinkamena or the Pie sisters though!
  13. All time favorite would have to be Cupcakes. Maybe the Rainbow Factory after that, but I've been meaning to read On A Cross And Arrow and just never got around to it.
  14. PrincessoftheNight

    Ponify the World!

    Hmm... That's a tough one................ Saddleaide maybe? It could work, depending on how it's pronounced. I think Saddleaide, Austrailia should work.
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