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    If you can't do some thing smart, do something right.
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    All kinds of stuff. I dunno. I never know what to say in these :S
    I dunno, gaming. RPG's mainly. Skyrim, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragn Age, oh and I'm HUGE KOTOR fan. I dig a few MMO's too. You will find the odd FPS on my 'puter. Bioshock, Half Life, Portal. Those kinds of FPSes.
    Uhhh, drawing; I like drawing, and painting. Though to be honest I'm no good at painting, but I like it.
    Reading, I love reading. A bit of writing too.
    Sci-Fi! Epic sci-fi nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly. Anything spacy and shiney.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Sonicwing

    Hi guys!

    Hey new friend! We're overjoyed to have you hear!
  3. Anti-Brony Brotherhood? That is a loooong walk for a short drink of water, I've always thought that hating stuff was easy. You can comment pretty much anywhere, its not exactly rocket science to make your thoughts heard by a wider audience these days. To form a group for the sole purpose of hating one thing that doesn't really affect you is like me creating a group dedicated to the hatred of celery. Man that is some epic pedantry.
  4. A pencil! No, Wait! A controller from some console! No! A keyboard and mouse! No! Nononono! I know! ... No, no I don't :| A banana maybe? Ohhh! Or a coffee mug!
  5. Not to be a negative Nancy but I... well I won't. And if I do, I probably won't.
  6. Yeah, I think I would be cute, there's no real romance in the show so it would be a friendly thing. Not to mention the wave of apoplexies that shippers would suffer would make things interesting to say the least.
  7. Sonicwing

    Movies/TV Subbed or Dubbed

    For me, it entirely depends on which I watched first. There are some shows that have great dubbing but because I got to know the show and characters in Japanese, anything else just seems odd. Like Bleach or Soul Eater or Black Lagoon, I first saw them in English so the original seems out of place. Same holds for Highschool of the Dead, Elfen Lied and Code Geass.
  8. I drink coffee almost hourly. I love the taste but becuase of how much I drink, the caffeine doesn't really have any noticable affect anymore. Its gotten so bad that I have a cup before bed without it affecting mysleep at all.
  9. Sonicwing


    Hey new friend Welcome to the forums, we're glad you made it
  10. I have five pairs of Chucks, I love them. They are the only items of clothing I care about. I'm not really interested in clothes. But my Chucks are my babies.
  11. *blink* This is either an awesome dream or I need to lay off the chronic. Actually no, I wish I would be that cool, I would probably have a minor heart attack.
  12. My hair is naturally thick, extremely curly and a sort of dark brow that becomes a sort of browny blonde in the sun. I have no idea why. I had it straightened recently so now its thick, straight, falls a little way below my shoulders and is a sort if dark brown that becomes a sort of browny blonde in the sun.
  13. Mine would be something along the lines of: "The mad ramblings of a funtional lunatic." Or perhaps: "The memoires of a closet basket case." Or: "How to trip and make it look purposeful; A reference guide."
  14. For me the basis of good story telling is adversity, character growth and conflict. The majority of Mary Sue's don't have any of these. Any conflict or adversity is overcome with little to no effort. There's no reason to root for them, there's nothing on the line. The character never needs to grow because they're what would happen if Superman, Iron Man and The Doctor were cloned and mixed together.
  15. I don't cry very often, I wasn't really allowed to as a kid. But on the odd accasion when my face does get leaky its always something silly and bitter sweet. Like the episode of Doctor Who when they took Vincent van Gogh to a museum containing his art. But the most recent time I teared up was in an episode of Scrubs, when JD and Turk spent an entire evening with a terminally ill old man. I don't know why but that was really touching.
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