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  1. What's your sign? Does it really reflect who you are as a person? I'm a Capricorn
  2. Recently I just found out who she is and I also found out that she is 42 years old. Why do you think she is able to look so hot even at this age? Genetics? Good health? Maybe because she is Colombian? What do you like about her? I like her accent. It's funny but sexy at the same time.
  3. Woah I just saw this and btw Sistar is my favorite girl group! Bora is my bias
  4. Hoping to drive on the first day of school because I really don't like taking the bus

  5. How is everyone doing?

  6. Damn my asthma sucks

    1. Sunshower Raindrops

      Sunshower Raindrops

      Sorry to hear that :(

    2. Scarlet Letter

      Scarlet Letter

      Its okay, water usually helps a bit

  7. Well I would kill myself. My brain would explode from listening to their constant chatter. Love them both, but please no lol.
  8. I know names don't really change much in another language, my Japanese name is Arran but when I asked the question, I really was referring to using a random translator online.