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  1. I have done nothing important today.

  2. I'm stressing out about my grades due to the knowledge that I am going on a school music trip in three weeks. I have one very bad grade, and it's in my algebra class. I took a test today and I have turned everything in. Yay for maths!

  3. I'm very excited to be here!! I know that the drawing isn't the best, but it was my first anime style!! Thanks for the constructive critism! I'm actually new to a lot of things on the Interwebs.
  4. Er,, hello!! My name is Viridian Mural,,, but as you can tell, I'm also ArtistsBlocker. ...I'm new and haven't even been on a forum before!! So, I'm very new to this stuff..!! I figured it would be nice to try something new.. For the oddest reason, I can't upload a forum picture, so here I am. Viridian Mural.
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