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  1. Oh ya my bad (derpy voice). Totally forgot about that.
  2. 1: yup he could indeed play finish line. 2: don't quite understand what you are saying but I the following should help: Score phase: first you check to see if you successfully confront the problem. Second you score your points for confronting the problem. Third you see if you rooponent also has the power needed to confront the problem. If they do have it at that time then there is a face off. It does not matter if they confronted it last turn and now do not he the power, they must hc e the power during the score phase that a problem is successfully confronted. Previous turns do not matte
  3. Nope but as for the color combo cards: . Sadly there should be 11 permutations of that color combo card and we only have 5 i think. so you probably won't get what you need in this set. What we have: Yellow / orange Blue / pink White / blue Yellow / purple Orange / purple White / pink
  4. Villains are played the same as other trouble makers with the following additions: 1: when a villain is flipped over it is placed over both sides of a problem. This means it affects the player who plays it as well, that person can also defeat it. 2: when flipped all friends at that problem are scared ( this means they get flipped over. You can flip them right side up during your mane phase for 2 ap each) 3: all other face down trouble makers at that problem are dismissed. 4 the trouble ,maker effects apply to all players unless stated otherwise. Also thanks for checking out my blo
  5. My personal preference is about 5. Ahi isn't all that great but you might keep one of him if you want. A yellow para sprite or two (or three) is always good as well and is certainly good against the current meta of rarity decks. I have not had a chance to try out the para sprite swarm but I can see them being as good as manticores.
  6. I was just suggesting what to put into your deck. If you have a high.mobility you don't really have to counter high mobility. This combo will help you against the inevitable rarity deck though. Using holly dash and wildfire to move other for free will help minimize the damage a flipped rarity will do. It will also allow you to overwhelm her as well so that even if you flip that 1 on the face off your still in good shape. Just my opinion though. There are many good combos with fluttershy, the only one I would not go with is honesty. Fluttershy already has enough power, she needs some different
  7. I suggest taking a loyalty off suit and focus on high mobility with holly dash, wildfire,face your fears and swit ponies.
  8. You can also check out heart of the cards for all card info and list (even has pinky pie and fluttershy mane cards): http://www.heartofthecards.com/code/mlpcardlist.html?cardnum=3 Also thank you for that link.
  9. 1: you got it right. That is how much of that color you need in play to be able to put that card into play. So a character who is worth two of a color will let you play a card requiring two of that color in play. 2: face offs: they only happen if one player confronts both problems in one turn or if one player confronts a problem and the opponent can also confront that problem. Problems are only flipped after a face off. The power value of a card is only used when flipping a card for a face off (unless that card is a friend then it does contribute). Resources and events do not add their
  10. Robin Hoof

    The Vending Machine.

    You get a city built on Rock and Roll. I insert Ah-Ha.
  11. This thread Needs more posts! So here are a few thoughts on OPENING MOVES I have been playing quite a bit recently and teaching people the game as well. The opening of the game is incredibly important. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind during the first three turns. 1: Your primary objective during this part of the game is going to be flipping your mane character. While it is not impossible to win without a flipped mane it is highly unlikely. 2: Stopping your opponent from flipping their mane. 3: Make sure you have the right cards on your first hand. Lets start wit
  12. Another addition to my card box:(for some reason it keeps uploading upside down).
  13. Robin Hoof

    MLP Card Game

    If anyone is curious about what cards do you can surf ebay (mlp ccg) and check o it the cards. It's s good way to get the lay of the land And check out cards you don't have / haven't seen.
  14. Robin Hoof

    MLP Card Game

    Actually you are required to take multiple "colors" . If you dont, you will not be able to solve your problem deck. And while it might be similar to that horrible Buffy game it seems to do everything right as far as game play goes (though it does have ràndom discard elements which can be a bummer)
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