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  1. DJ Rainbow

    Introducing myself

    Awwwwww I game on Xbox. I want to game on a computer, but I just need a new setup to be able to. Hopefully after I move to Georgia in a year or so I can get everything set up and try to be a streamer.
  2. DJ Rainbow

    Introducing myself

    Hello Travlein. I hope we can talk sometime. It's nice to get to meet other gaming ponies. I'm also around if you ever need someone to talk to an dhopefully we can be friends.
  3. DJ Rainbow


    So I will tell you what I told other people. The first about 3ish episodes are introducing characters and about setting up the world and the story.
  4. DJ Rainbow


    Sorry I ended up getting distracted. It was a combination of smackdowns 900th episode and me making a new Facebook and it getting removed less than 3 hours later and remaking it and reading people. As for what anime it's from it is from a show called psycho-pass and its from shogo makishima. He has multiple quoted that I enjoyed actually.
  5. DJ Rainbow


    So I wish I was the one who had came up with that. It's actually an anime quote to be honest. It's not really that wrong though.
  6. DJ Rainbow


    I'm more than willing to help you learn what I know
  7. DJ Rainbow

    Hey, Hello!

    Agreed. We all have our lives to worry about.
  8. DJ Rainbow


    Hey another techy pony. I mean that in the nicest way btw. Nice to meet you KTAG. If you have any questions I'm here to help and if I don't know the answer we can find it out together.
  9. Hey ember song. I'm almost always floating around overnight. If you want to talk go on ahead and pm me. Any questions also be sure to ask. I will help you to the best of my abilities.
  10. DJ Rainbow

    Hey, Hello!

    Wlell ya know. I try to be I have to with this username
  11. DJ Rainbow

    Hey, Hello!

    Hey guys welcome to the forums and I hope you have an awesome time. I'd love to be your friend. If you click on their name on their profile there is a button that says send a message. All you have to do is add a subject and a message
  12. Hey love the pic of bazzbi/e. Can't ever remember how to spell it. Welcome welcome welcome. Have a picture of derpy . Message me if you want. We can be friends AND talk about anime
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome kenshiro I promise I'll ask if I have a question. Badump badump boopity boop
  14. Now I have to ask if you came up with the Gideon name on your own or it it's an mtg reference or even your actual name.
  15. I'm sorry I never replied to this stuff. Life got complicated and I wasn't ever able to get back to you guys. I thank you for you all for your help. So the hardest parts for me is name/ mark/ and oddly enough appearance. I think if I had done it more it would be easier.
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