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  4. The images of Trump in The Simpsons are indeed from a recent interstitial. However, as is detailed in the Snopes link, the future-set episode in which Lisa is President Elect and mentions inheriting a "budget crunch from President Trump" is "Bart to the Future", which first aired in March of 2000. Trump doesn't appear on-screen at all during that episode, he's just mentioned. And, as I recall, the premise of the episode is a Native Mystic showing Bart who he will be "in 30 years". So since The Simpsons always takes place in whatever year it is, that means they the episode put Trump being elected president in 2026 (or 2022 and got re-elected). So they did predict his presidency, they were just off by 10 years.
  5. Grave of the Fireflies springs to mind. The movie is just a long string of crappy things happening to a couple of mannequin's masquerading as children, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them. The movie makes no attempt to give the kids any kind of identifiable personalities and, by extension, make them likable, so I really don't care about them. It just reads as emotional blackmail; "You have to be sad because they're little kids and all this bad stuff is happening to them! If you don't feel sad, you're terrible!" I also think the narrative is weak otherwise. It's a series of completely unconnected, unfortunate events. There's no real overarching plot and several elements come and go with no contribution to the story at large.
  6. Personally, I sure would love to see some original Dragon Ball love in the sequel. The trailer says "Protect the History of Dragon Ball". Yeah, the history of Dragon Ball doesn't start with Raditz. That said, my wishlist is pretty simple and realistically what's going to happen anyway: Better character creator Maybe more races Less RNG nonsense And, yeah, Emperor Pilaf-Piccolo Jr. content in the main Story mode.
  7. Hm... Death Note Fullmetal Alchemist; both the original series and Brotherhood. The Dragon Ball franchise as a whole, but Dragon Ball Kai in particular. There was a time when InuYasha would be on my list, but looking back on it...ehh. I don't imagine I'll ever care to revisit it aside from the movies.
  8. Stop drawing only anime. Value rough stages; your drawings will always look better if you rough them out first. Use the internet to look up gesture drawings and other references. Look up Disney's Nine old men, as well as Glen Keane and Andreas Deja. Look at more French art. Look up and study the principles of animation; principles which are helpful even in still drawings. Basically, give my younger self a head start on college (well, and the rest of my life).
  9. I remember buying some Compact Flash cards back in high school. At the time, they were generally priced around $100 CAD per Gigabyte. Now, a 16GB SD card is around $25.
  10. Super has shaped up poorly in my opinion. The retread of the movies was exhausting enough, but the Universe 6 tournament has been a bit of a slap in the face. The first few episodes of the current arc were pretty solid. We got interesting concepts and interactions...and as of the last couple episodes, it has completely fallen on its face. I am a pretty obsessive fan when it comes to Dragon Ball, and even I can't stick by Super. If the next episode is another disappointment, I think I'm going to jump ship entirely. To the point of the animation, yeah it's been pretty subpar on average. There's some good stuff in there, but it's been extremely rare. And the noticeably-bad is far too frequent. To my understanding, a huge part of the problem is the current state of the anime industry: They're producing more content than ever, with roughly the same number of people and a higher proportion of amateurs. In that state, the quality is going to suffer. The infamous fifth episode of Super (the episode those images a few posts up come from) also had the misfortune of scheduling problems. Some of those frames were redrawn for the blu-ray release but on the whole, didn't result in a huge improvement. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that the original animes had pretty varied quality too (though still with a better average track record). Pretty much anything done by Last House after the Freeza saga has atrocious artwork and passable animation at best: Studio Live's work wasn't much better: This isn't to say we shouldn't criticize Super's quality. Criticism is one of the most important things in art. I just thought it would be interesting.
  11. Indeed. Now that we're (finally) in the Champa/Universe 6 arc, I've started to enjoy the show a lot more. Though my nitpicky side remains concerned about the timeline; Bulma either has to be pregnant with Bra right now or Bra needs to have already been born. Goten and Trunks haven't aged a day in 5+ years now. I'm willing to accept that for Goten, since Goku's appearance as a child was similarly stagnated until he had a massive growth spurt. Trunks, on the other hand, we already know what he should look like at this age thanks to the History of Trunks special. Yeah, the animation's been all over the place, and will likely continue to be that way. Though the original animes also had pretty varied animation quality (I still wince when I look at many of Last House Studio's episodes).
  12. In my opinion, either Hyper Dimension or Supersonic Warriors. Hyper Dimension's probably the most competent/well-designed fighting game of the earlier era of Dragon Ball Z games. Cool mechanics, lots of risk vs reward the player has to consider, and the pixel art in that game is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not crazy about the music though. Supersonic Warriors is just super-inventive. Nice fast-paced, flight-centric, unorthodox fighting game. Love it. I didn't like the second one as much, but it was good too.
  13. On Christmas in 2010, I got Donkey Kong Country Returns and began marathoning it in co-op with my older brother. It was so much fun. It was especially nice after we were both very disappointed with Kirby's Epic Yarn (Kirby Superstar being one of the biggest highlights of our early years playing games together). We beat the game a few days after Christmas and celebrated with a pizza. Last year, we played Tropical Freeze together. It wasn't quite as special since I had already beaten the game before the holidays. This year, I'm bringing my copy of Transformers Devastation with me when I go back to Ontario. It's not multiplayer but I'm stoked to watch my brother play through it for himself. We're both Transformers fans and some of my earliest memories are of us watching the original cartoon together.
  14. The constant misuse of "then" and "than" by everyone and their mother is my major pet peeve when it comes to grammar. It's an understandable mistake but it gets under my skin all the same. The runner-up would have to be spelling "definitely" as "defiantly", which is astoundingly common. Like, not only have you spelled the intended word incorrectly, the word you did spell has a mutually exclusive meaning to the word you wanted. It would seem I'm one of many bothered by it, in fact:
  15. This is not surprising really, the show's story is meant to take place across a single summer and it's been ramping up to the climax of the story for the last several episodes. And I'm very OK with it. Looking it up, it looks like following Weirdmageddon II on Monday there will be a 1-hour episode (no air date for that yet) to cap the series. That sounds perfect to me. We'll get the conclusion to the current plot and we'll have some extra time for the story's resolution. Actually: From this article: All I want now is a complete series blu-ray boxset.