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    Sup i'm just some person that like's video games horror movies HM music sports and MLP and chatting a lot with my friends on Skype i also like making movies and music too and making art as well if you want to chill with me look me up brohoof.

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  1. Hey my friends sorry that i'm not here as much as I used to be that's because I'm busy working on new projects for my youtube group Brony Entertainment Network and my own solo channel Jonathon Moline/Vision Wave Media  and it;s not just youtube stuff that i'm busy with in my life I have more my job spending time with my family and friends so yea that's where I have been so if anyone wants to chat with me sometime my skype and discord are there but one thing that I may ask if you add me please do not be a jerk or troll to me and my crew i'm not down for that also if you add me tell me your from here and if you want to help me with projects just ask and tell/show me what you can do if your up for it that is anyway Vision out peace.

  2. sup my homies sorry that I have not been on here in a long time been busy with somethings but I just want to say sup.

  3. chilling and rocking out too some cool music.

  4. Well i'm now 28 years old so let the good times roll.

  5. My Life is fun and crazy at the same time  and you know what I like that.

  6. I troll my friends all the time we troll one and other just too joke around but I would never do it too hurt someone.
  7. chilling like the new update.

  8. how long will this fandom go on