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    T. rex:4
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    I love spore mlp iOS,game plus minecraft and planet side two

    Best science fields: geology biology paleontology.

    I think you all know what I want to be when I grow up.

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  1. It has been forever but I'm back what's up everypony

    1. Stellafera


      Forum's much more active and cheery now with the new season :)

  2. Hey guys I'm still alive and I'm back

  3. He'll y'all I'm back finale

  4. Sry guys I've been busy but I'm back now

  5. Mlp season 4'priemier rocked what do you guys think

    1. BronyBrine


      Episode 2 involves "Princess Celestia's and Luna's old castle." And the "Pony of Shadows". Sombra? Season 4 premier was awesome.

    2. GrimCW


      wrapped up NMM to fast, but that aside was neat. TBH though it came a little too close to the Animatic for A lullaby for a Princess someone was working on...


  6. Hey y'all I'm in Chicago

  7. Good afternoon everypony

  8. Hey what's up everypony

    1. Gamer_Luna27


      not much, yourself?

  9. Sweet nightmares I mean dreams everypony

  10. Good morning

    1. Skinny Shadowy
    2. Brony Time

      Brony Time

      good morning I was getting bored