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  1. Fantasia! I love it so much. <3 Hmmm... I don't have any favorite albums. I tend to listen to singles and then piece together my own playlists.
  2. Fancy Pants: Indeed it is, old boy. *adjusts monocle* Fancy Pants: Hmm... My intent was not to be rude, but in my irritation at having my expertise offhoofedly dismissed, I did allow myself to be less tactful than I should have. I will certainly consider apolgizing for that, though honestly, I'm still unsure what Rarity was thinking. Her decor reminded me of my neice's birthday parties. She's typically so much more refined and in-tune with fashion trends. Even the little yellow dress she made for Princess Twilight the first time we met had a simple elegance to it... Fleur de Lis: Hmhmhm! Well all artists have off-days, Fancy. In fact, you might have missed it, but look at this design of Rarity's that passed through the grapevine a couple years ago... Fancy Pants: Good lord, Fleur... You're not serious? Fleur de Lis: As the plague, I'm afraid... Fancy Pants: Oh no, nothing like that. I've heard multiple comments and murmurings of me being nominated for the honor, but it's never happened. My peers and associates with more flattering inclinations sometimes teasingly refer to me as "a prince in all but title", which is very sweet, but a touch dramatic if I'm being honest. Fancy Pants: Money and status are simply tools, my friend, and not the only tools life has to offer. What's more important is what a pony does with those tools. It is only by chance that I was blessed to be born into money and status, and myself and all my peers would do well to remember that we could have been born into any number of different circumstances. Best not waste it. Fleur de Lis: I enjoy a good rosé myself. Fleur de Lis: I have not. But I'm getting the distinct feeling it would not be good for my figure. Fancy Pants: *chuckles* They most certainly are not good for mine. Fleur de Lis: For the best I don't know what I'm missing then. Fancy Pants: Oh, pish posh, my dear. Your beauty is unassailable. Fleur de Lis: Merci, Fancy. You are a grand flatterer. Fancy Pants: Flattery! How dare you, miss. Fleur de Lis: Regardless, if I'm going to cheat, I'd prefer it to be something sweet.
  3. Quote

    ShadO's a nice lady, but she occasionally has the attention span of a goldfish.


     Pony Rainbow Dash is rude to me, too. :dry:


    When they start talking about you behind your back that means you've truly made it!


    At least that's what "The Great and Powerful" Trixie tells me. :huh:


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  4. Technical difficulties fixed! Let us resume the Fleur-ting... <3
  5. Daring Do: Sorry about that. ShadO's a nice lady, but she occasionally has the attention span of a goldfish. That's why it's better to do one question at a time, just it case she spaces out. But if I'm honest, that was actually really adorable. So my adventures are tuned down a bit to teach foals how to read? I'm fine with that.
  6. At a Lee Greenwood & Gatlin Bros. concert with my mom! It’s one of the cutest, most country things I’ve ever seen. XD

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      Very cool, enjoy it!

  7. Fancy Pants: *chuckles* Part family name, part my parents having a sense of humor. I had a great-aunt named Haute Pants on my father's side. And before you say anything, yes, I'm very aware of the pun. Fleur de Lis: Fancy Pants: My parents wanted to give me a name that was befitting of stature, but a bit more whimsical than is custom. So, Fancy Pants it was.
  8. Heehee, I'll give you guys an internet cookie if you can point out how I tweaked this screen shot...


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  9. Fancy Pants: Ladies first. Fleur de Lis: Happy to share, mon frere. I am originally from Prance, and got my cutie mark whilst still living there. I had done a little modeling for smaller brand advertisements, and while I loved it, my cutie mark never appeared. But then one year, my papa surpised me by pulling every string he could to get me into Fashion Week Maris as one of the child models. And it was incredible. When the show came around, I strutted down that runway like I'd never strut before, and when I got to the end, a light flashed and I got my cutie mark. So many cheers, all for moi. Fancy Pants: Just as is should be, my dear. As for me, I'm afraid my cutie mark story isn't quite as interesting. Fleur de Lis: It is very adorable. Fancy Pants: *chuckles* Thank you, Fleur. But it is very simple as well. I got my cutie mark very early on. I suppose leadership has simply always been a part of who I am. I wasn't just part of student council at Canterlot Academy. I was also part of my primary school's student leadership. One year I discovered that the school board was intending to make cuts to several after school programs that my friends and I enjoyed, as well as cuts to the number of feild trips. I immediately rallied the student body, who then rallied their parents, and a fundraiser was held. We got our feild trips and after school activities, and I got my cutie mark. Fleur de Lis: As I said, adorable. Fancy Pants: Mm, if it had only stayed that way. Years later I found out that some of the members of the school board had been embezzling funds, and that's why there was a shortage on funding to begin with. They were dealt with by the justice system, but I've made it my goal to wipe out that sort of nonsense wherever I can. Utterly disgraceful.
  10. Fancy Pants: Canterlot Academy, dear boy. I was a senior when Fleur was a freshman. Fleur de Lis: Almost twenty years ago now. Fancy Pants: My word, has it been that long? Time certainly flies doesn't it? Anyway, I was part of the student coucil and I met Fleur during her freshman orientation. Fleur de Lis: Or "Fish Camp", as I remember. Fancy Pants: Ah, that's right. Fleur turned out to be an "angelfish". Fleur de Lis: Fancy Pants: In the simplest words, yes. There is of course a bit more complexity to it. Canterlot, along with the Equestrian nation as a whole, is run by the Princesses, who make high end discisions regarding things like foreign policy, war, etcetera. Then come the elected and appointed officials, like governers and mayors, then the aristocracy and representatives such as myself, who use diplomacy and influence to steer decisions in ways we think best. Fleur de Lis: Fashion model, dearheart. In between the management of my various brands of course.
  11. Got a new ask Thread!! This time for two of my favorite MLP side characters:

    Time to get out my monocle and practice my most snooty "harumph"!

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  12. Hello again, esteemed visitors of the MLPForums! Today your hostess, ShadO of the Babes, brings to you, for your interviewing pleasure, the very best the Canterlot high society has to offer... Sir Fancy Pants and Lady Fleur de Lis! Give them a hoof, ladies and gentle colts! Fancy Pants: *chuckles* Thank you for the introduction, my dear. I think they quite got it. Fleur de Lis: Bonjour, darlings. Fancy Pants: Indeed. Welcome, my friends. Rules: - You can ask either or both of them a question - Try not to spam all your questions in one post, you can always ask again! - Please don't keep asking the same question repeatedly trying to get a different answer - Please try not to add more characters to the thread, this is exclusively for Fancy and Fleur Annnnd... go!
  13. ShadOZotl time!! Do you dare to try? Headshot: Fullbody:
  14. Charizard: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaawr char chaaaaaawr, raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr chaar chaaaaaawr charaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr. RotomDex: *bzrt* "It used to be because he annoyed me, but now sometimes I just get a little too excited and forget humans can't take it."