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  1. Only when I wig myself out reading something kind of unsettling. Usually, I’m fine with the dark, and in fact, NEED it to be pitch black so I can fall asleep. But I do NOT like walking around the house at night if I’ve already got the spoopy feels from something I read or watched.
  2. Clear, sunny, and cool, with big, puffy clouds. My favorite.
  3. LOL, definitely no. I had to be insistently pushed into getting my license as a kid, and I was terrified the whole time. NOW I love driving, but yeah, it was an ordeal when I was younger.
  4. Good lord, my dreams decided to be multiple levels of uncomfortable last night! First it started off pretty classic. I was in school again, having to take a test I didn’t study for. I think it was poetry of all things... And then I was at “work”, except it wasn’t my workplace, but my coworkers were there, and I had to deal with a “sexual harassment” issue against myself, which wasn’t really sexual harassment, and has never, every happened to me in real life. And then I ran into this dude who I didn’t recognize, and he started hitting on me, and then tried to steal my stuff! But he was stealing, like, my plushies and my baby blanket? But I caught him and told him that if he took my baby blanket, my mom would kill him (and she totally would). It was all so freakin’ weird.
  5. Oooh, good day for clothes shopping. Buy one, get one 75% off. And I still have a $20 off coupon for my birthday. X3

  6. I used to be kind of competitive when i was a kid, and then it just slowly drained out of me as I got older.
  7. Oh I love them! Little butterflies of the night.
  8. Ugh, yes. For all intense emotions. And people love to point it out.
  9. I hate make up. Getting me to wear it is like pulling teeth. Last time I wore make up, I was cosplaying.
  10. Depends on the severity. If it's mild, I'll let them sort it out themselves. If severe, I try to intervene just enough to cool them off and see what's got them so heated. Maybe offer suggestions.
  11. Love orange juice, hate pulp. The pulp makes me gag. XP
  12. I don't begrudge people for using them, but I would NEVER. I do not trust those things.
  13. Omg, Pokemon Snap. I just can't with that game. You get on the beach and the Pidgey are just like "broo, broo" I'm just washed over with nostalgic happiness. <3