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  1. @Bas LOL, keep running those 10 km a day!
  2. I read through them a while back, so I’m a little rusty. I’ll try to remain vague, but it’s hard to say what I like and dislike without saying what happens. I’ve read all of them. Each had fun moments, but also flaws. I remember being disappointed by the characterization of Ahuizotl in the second book. He wasn’t nearly as over the top hilarious as he has the potential to be. Nor did they make him as threatening as you’d think Daring’s most powerful foe should be. And there’s this moment where they mention this fear Ahui has at one point, and Daring disparages it as him being a coward, except that it’s a perfectly rational fear and is a fear that one of the Mane 6 in the show has demonstrated. So I found that weird. The third book might be my fave, but it starts off with this plot with Caballeron and his goons, but then just trails off into a different plot and they’re never mentioned again. First book is just kind of meh. Nothing super good, nothing super bad. Just blah. Daring overall is portrayed as even more harsh and gruff than she is in the show. I have a particular headcanon for that, but others might have a different opinion one whether it’s a good or bad thing. Things I like: Worldbuilding Potential headcanon hooks New culture we don’t see in the show Daring having to do things that are out of her rough-and-tumble comfort zone We get introduced to an important character from Daring Do’s life in the second book OVERALL: I don’t regret getting the collection, but the stories are not mindblowing. They gave me some cool character and headcanon inspiration, but don’t go in with really high expectations.
  3. I’ll fix that. When my mom was pregnant with me, she apparently ate so many carrots that she literally turned a shade of orange.
  4. @Bas Don’t worry Bas. You look fine. You’re very brave to put your picture up at all. I agonized over it for a bit.
  5. @Lord Valtasar Hey Valt, when is the due date again?
  6. Well the Switch version just came out, so I’m resurrecting this! Guys... I love it sooooo much... the redesigns of the dragons in the first have just been blowing my mind. Ripto’s Rage is just as fun as I remember. My only niggle is Year of the dragon. You can really see that it was rushed. It’s still something, but it was arguably my favorite of the three, so seeing it get kind of shunted sucks. But I look forward to experiencing the characters again anyway.
  7. I have got Spyro in the brain, man... Loving Reignited so much. Can’t stop daydreaming, theorizing, and headcanon-ing about it.

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    2. ShadOBabe


      Having fun with it?

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      So far I enjoy playing it, but since this series came out years ago, I guess I can't fully appreciate what was innovative about the games back in the 90s since by now, it's common and expected for certain video game tropes

    4. ShadOBabe


      To be fair, cartoon mascot platformers have been so abandoned, that’s its come right back round to being original again. XD 

  8. I just wish they would start fresh with some new leads, not alter the existing ones. It just feels so... intrusive. But if I decide to watch it, I’ll go into it with the mindset of “Alternate Universe”.
  9. Jeans, a slightly too big men’s polo, and some composite safety work boots.
  10. Anime first usually. I just naturally gravitate towards animation. Spyro or Crash?
  11. Hey guys, what does it mean when someone or something is described as “a mood”?

    I could google it, but I think it’ll be more fun to ask. XD

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    2. FeatherStream


      i would do the same... also if it was a spider or a snake i would just say , ( NOPE!) and leaves xD

    3. ShadOBabe


      Heehee!! XD

    4. Bas


      yeet what the hay