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  1. I do. Do you have a pet that is NOT a dog or cat?
  2. Hello, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. I am an ahuizotl! Super strength, semi-aquatic, three hands with opposable thumbs, bigger than ANY of the ponies, including Celestia, and truly a RARE species to make OCs out of.
  4. One chased her around when she was a little filly? Chickens can be pretty mean, especially roosters.
  5. Ahuizotl. Power of opposable thumbs. Earth pony. Power of super strength and nature. <3
  6. Well doing good deeds for the wrong reasons is still better then just not doing anything at all, don’t you think? Like I’m sure someone who gets help from a charity doesn’t care whether or not you had ulterior motives. Your actions still benefited them.
  7. It’s not weird at all. All humans are inherently flawed beings, and it’s not smart to put them up on a pedestal. Admire them or admire their accomplishments, but never lose sight of the fact that they are just people.
  8. Hey guys look, I bumped into @PathfinderCS at the Walgreens this morning!


    1. Woohoo


      That's not Pathy. The antlers are way too small. :yeahno:

    2. ShadOBabe


      It’s babbu Path!

  9. Welp pray for me y’all... I’m gonna have to knuckle down and do my least favorite thing in the world... CHORES...

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Don’t forget to bring a towel.

  10. A whole lot of dumb people are going to mess up their lives with an arrest record and then be surprised that “it was just a prank bro” is not a valid excuse in court.
  11. You have to ask the next person if they own something.
  12. Cacturne: Cactactact!! Caaa, cactuuuurne... RotomDex: Cacturne said, “Hahaha!! Hmmm, let me see...” Cacturne: *shuffles up a sand dune and looks over the edge* *sees palm trees in the distance* Cacturne!! *shuffles towards it* RotomDex: Cacturne says he sees a on oasis! Come on!!
  13. Ditto: Di ditto!! <3 RotomDex: Ditto said, "Of course!! <3"
  14. Cacturne: Caaacturne? Cact... cactur cactuuurne ca cacturne? Caaaaa... RotomDex: Canturne asked, "You think that'll work? But... where would I get water in a desert? Hmmm..." Venasaur: Veeeenusaur. Veenu venusaur saaaaur, venusaaaauuur... RotomDex: Venusaur says, "Charizard is alright. They can be a brash blowhard, but they got your back..." Eevee: Vee ee eevee! RotomDex: Eevee said, "I am an Eevee!" but I can answer your question! Yes, Eevee are in the same category as other canidae pokemon, specifically the Vulpini tribe of canids, which also include the Vulpix, Zorua, and Fennekin evolutionary lines.
  15. Ditto: Di ditto! Dittooooo... Ditto ditto di ditto? Dit di ditto to ditto, ditto ditto to! Ditto di ditto ditto, to dit ditto to! RotomDex: Ditto says, “Aww thank you! Hmmmm... how do I manage? It’s a bit hard to explain, it just comes naturally! Hey just imagine what I want to look like, and it happens!
  16. ((Make sure to read the disclaimer hon. I only know the early seasons of Pokémon and like the first 4 movies. This is more for asking questions of general Pokémon, rather than specific characters from the show. As such I can’t answer your question about the female Mewtwo because I never saw that movie. I also never saw the second film that featured OG Mewtwo. Also please try to not spam all your questions at once. Might sound silly, but it’s harder to make focused answers when scanning though a lot of text.)) OG Mewtwo: *telepathically* Are you asking if my past experiences have made me more empathetic? I suppose that’s one way to look at it. I don’t feel a particular kinship with humans as a whole. However, I do think more highly of kind individuals such as Ash Ketchum, and I know, statistically, there are more people like him. I don’t quite understand your final question though. “Psychological knowledge to address my qualms”? Are you asking if I’ve tried to learn more about humans and how they think, this making them easier to deal with? The Master: *telepathically* ... More hand massages... RotomDex: *bzzt* Questions for me? Okay! No, being a Pokédex doesn’t bother me. I enjoy the company of the trainers and their Pokémon. And I can leave the Dex at any time, so I usually go for a stretch when the Trainers are sleeping. No, I don’t have to worry about them. I have to be able to meet and record information about ALL Pokémon, so the Dex I live in is built to withstand any shenanigans. And while other professors gave advice on its construction, Professor Kukui led the RotomDex project, so all design features were implemented and finalized by him!
  17. Snorlax: Snorlax? Snoooorlaaaaax... RotomDex: Snorlax said, “Calories? I just eat till I’m full...” But I can help answer your question! The average Snorlax needs about 12,800 calories a day to maintain their weight!
  18. Jynx: Jyyynx~ Jynx jynx jyyyyyyynx j-jynx jynx jynx!! >w< RotomDex: *bzzt* Jynx said, “Sometimes~ I saw a really cute Hitmonlee the other day and he winked at me!!”
  19. Ampharos: Am! Ampharo! Amph ampharos ros. Am amph ros ampharos, amphar aaaaaaam ampharos! RotomDex: Ampharos says, “Oh! Seafood! Or at least that’s what they specialize in. I just get the salads, but my trainer loooooves the fish!”
  20. OMG... I just searched “NBA 2k20 reviews” and got stuff like... ”My 12 year old son was so excited about the launch of this new game that we had to buy it on the day it was released!” “Bought as a present for my son on his 12th bday the day it came out.” ”My son can't stop playing this game.” “My kid loves 2K’s interactive play on XBox Live with his buds. Great game and graphics.” And I’m just over here like, “No! Get that crap away from your kids! Do you even I know what is in it, because I’m not sure you do!” Ugh... I’m conflicted with multiple feelings of, “Welp, it’s THEIR kids, not mine” and “Hope you raised a good/smart kid and/or hid your credit card” and “WHY IS THIS FOR TODDLERS, BUT POKÉMON RED IS FOR 12 AND UP?! ARRRGH!!”