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  1. Happy birthday, BareHoof! :)

  2. Bridle Gossip Party for One Winter Wrap Up Over the Barrel I actually wouldn’t recommend the pilot episodes, because I find them misleading. After watching the first two, I think it has potential to scare off people because it gives them the impression that this is yet another cliché “magic girls” show. Have them watch it later on.
  3. Maybe I’m over thinking this. XD But I would chose whatever would be most useful to my ‘special talent’. So I’d go with Unicorn. You can’t go wrong with magic! I feel like it’s the most ‘versatile’ when it comes to cutie marks. You can use magic to help you do just about anything! When I think of what my ‘special talent’ would be, it makes the most sense to be a unicorn. I plan on owning an event planning business someday, so I can see myself having abilities similar to Rarity’s….being able to levitate objects, multitasking, being able to clean up without lifting a hoof. I would be a Pegas
  4. That all bronies are sexual deviants that will prey on your children. =/ Seriously, I’ve seen new reports getting to something like that, as well as an article in my local paper where some mother said she felt uncomfortable with adult men lingering around the toy section.
  5. Good point! There would be no elements of harmony, so the show would probably be a series of ‘slice of life’ episodes surrounding the remaining 5. I actually think that would be pretty interesting, since my favorite episodes tend to be the simpler ones.
  6. Some things I’m hoping for…. -One of the CMC getting a cutie mark. -Luna song? -For the love of all things pony, PLEASE give me a Rarity episode! -More Derpy, Lyra, and Bon Bon! -I’d like to know more about Celestia and Luna’s past -New locations -I’d like to see it NOT become the Twilight show… I hope they focus just as much on the other characters as before, instead of the entire season being about OMG! Princess Twilight! -RDash joining the Wonderbolts -Some kind of cameo from the comics! Seeing Flaxseed or Wheat Grass would be AWESOME!
  7. BareHoof

    General Who's in a relationship?

    To quote Cheerilee…..”I don’t have a very special some pony right now” But it’s by choice…sorta. Lets say I could have a boyfriend right now, and that meeting people isn’t the issue. I just have trouble meeting the RIGHT guys. I’m in college, and I happen to go to a big party school. It’s LOTS of fun, but it’s hard to find someone that wants a serious relationship right now.
  8. Wow! I wasn't expecting so many people to say Rarity! I was under the impression that she was pretty popular in the fandom! I'd say Rainbow Dash. Not because I don't like her. She is my least favorite, but there isn't a pony I don't like in the Mane 6! I'm just not always a fan of her cocky attitude, and I feel like she's had more than enough screen time! I could see her going off to be a Wonderbolt, and appearing in an episode every now and then.
  9. BareHoof

    Hello! =)

    Oh gosh, you guys/ponies/bronies/pegesisters/awesome peoples of the internet! I was having a pretty stressful days, and was feeling pretty crummy before I came on here and saw how many nice , friendly people have taken time to welcome me! It’s made my day! Thank you! I can tell I’m going to like it here!
  10. BareHoof

    Hello! =)

    Hello everypony! =) I’ve been a long time MLP fan, but this is my first time joining the brony community! I don’t really have any brony friends in real life, and I’d love to meet others to discuss the show with! Just thought I should introduce myself!
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