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  1. What Colour(s) Are Your Eyes?

    mine are dark brown, but they look black... unless you get a certain lighting
  2. Which Pony do you Relate to the Most?

    for me it would be pinkie pie and fluttershy, more so fluttershy. im pretty shy irl, kind and love animals. but I love making jokes and making friends laugh like pinkie
  3. Gaming 70$ for....cardboard ? really nintendo?

    yeah, but its 70$ for cardboard, and a game unless for some reason there is no game included, that's probably why the high price. this thing is pretty much targeted towards kids, so I don't know why you guys are complaining, it seems like something that kids are interested in these days, and seeing how its a learning experience for them, I feel like its pretty cool and at least Nintendo is being creative and experimenting with different things bit late to comment on this, but virtual console was said to be released with the Nintendo switch online service... and I heard rumours that its been delayed to fall this year... so I dunno. im not really complaining about the service though, just more time we have until we pay 20 dollars a year for online, which is really cheap, especially if you compare to the 70 dollar price tag on yearly membership on psn and xbox live. personally, I feel that Nintendo rushed the switch out to market to compete with everyone else, and they are slowly building up the console to what it was supposed to be at launch. especially with the updates that allowed people to transfer data from switch to switch and record games, 30 seconds long though... there is a video streaming service on the switch, but I think its only available in japan or Europe, its not youtube or anything but that may change. and there is technically an internet browser on the switch, however... you are only able to fully go through facebook and twitter, granted, its somewhat glitchy and there is a chance your switch can crash (trust me, it happened to me a bunch before) its there.. and I think Nintendo does not have plans to fully integrate an internet browser, from what I read. personally, I don't really care that the switch doesn't have youtube, Netflix, or a proper internet browser. I have a pc, phone, and 3ds that can do all three. gotta admit though, the switch has some pretty good games at the moment
  4. The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    you will get it eventually Sunburst... eventually
  5. New (and I can't come up with a good title)

    heyy welcome to the forums! if you have any questions feel free to ask anypony also I know the feels, I can never think of good titles
  6. Thread Locked Games

    locked for being a wiiguy and not a playstationguy
  7. What are your thoughts on Canada?

    Vancouver island is a pretty great place, lots of trees and mountains, same thing in mainland BC
  8. What are your thoughts on Canada?

    50 pack timbits
  9. What are your thoughts on Canada?

    we have poutine, all dressed chips and maple syrup, I love living here ...that and we peace keepers for the majority of the time
  10. probably start mocking you by eating more cake
  11. One thing I dislike.

    well, an example would be if somepony kept playing the counting games, they could easily get over 1,000 posts
  12. Comment and I will...

    -insert clever comment here-
  13. Request Shop Want a Piano Cover of Something? (Take 2)

    pokemon trading card game normal battle? it doesn't have to be 30 minutes long
  14. Gaming Switch Friend Code Exchange

    mine is 5442-9426-0517
  15. oh hey! thanks for the follow! :3