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  1. we joked around and called ourselves the "evac" which is backwards for cave. because during lunch we all ate lunch and hung out in this.. kinda like hole? (or like.. a dip or something I duno the word) either way, it was like a cave where it had a small staircase down to some doors (the doors were always locked though) to enter a theatre our school had. we called it the cave, then evac (and then we spelled all of our names backwards... it was fun)
  2. Request Shop

    it looks great! (sorry for replying so late)
  3. Request Shop

    oh sorry those are supposed to be Pegasus wings by the way >.<
  4. Request Shop

    alright thanks! if you cant draw her sitting, her standing is fine
  5. Request Shop

    Name: Starlight (though you don't need to put the name) Pose: just her sitting down and smiling if possible
  6. chimmicherry? or cherrychanga?
  7. welcome back to the forums!
  8. yeah.. its kind of rare to find new pon vectors that are show accurate or any Hasbro thing that's show accurate
  9. the only thing that made me uncomfortable is how spike became a flamethrower never gonna see him the same ever again the rest... didn't really, I think slavery was used when king sombre was in charge of the crystal empire right? and that war between them and equestria in the alternate universe
  10. I live in good ol' British Columbia, Canada
  11. anypony mind voting on this poll? I wish you could edit updates

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    2. KrazyDashie
    3. Misscellanio


      Oh ok so this was just made for shits and giggles XD

      Thought it was a serious poll XD

    4. KrazyDashie


      oh DX (yeah.. im bad at explaining things..)

  12. Gaming

    yeah, but sony gave a two week membership extension to all ps plus subscribers when they went back online I personally like the ps4, I never owned a xbox one, but the ps4 is worth it
  13. ive always loved her shes my favourite pony if I don't count the mane 6 once a glimglam fan, always a glimglam fan
  14. I miss my puffles... penguin... my childhood I think died with the closing of club penguin. but I never would have seen the similarities o.o anyone remember those club penguin comics they had? those were pretty funny