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  1. well I do eat more veggies or non-meat stuff a lot but I dunno, I wouldn't exactly say its based off of MLP, its mostly because meat doesn't go well with my stomach. to be honest though.. I wish I could eat hayburgers... they make them look soo good..
  2. Happy birthday to me~

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    2. Johnny1226


      Happy birthday dashie 

    3. KrazyDashie


      thanks everypony <3

    4. Prospekt


      No problem. Hope your day was fantastic ^_^

  3. ask pinkie pie

    chimmicherry? or cherrychanga?
  4. well welcome to the forums! if you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  5. happy 150th everypony!
  6. happy Canada day everypony! Canada 150~

  7. it was very much worth it! its now my favourite episode but yeah I cried a lot by the end of the ep, it was so sweet and heartwarming (and sad) though... it gives some closure about their parents, but like everypony else said, what happened to them? and how old are they supposed to be during AJ's time?
  8. hey there! welcome to the forums!
  9. element of fire
  10. element of power?
  11. personally, i dont care about game graphics, if the gameplay is great, that is all that matters
  12. Mega Thread

  13. fish
  14. about two hours or so ago, it was sunny but really dark clouds were forming. right now its dark and pretty cloudy
  15. either fries topped with garlic and parmesan cheese or a veggie sandwhich