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  1. KrazyDashie

    Movies/TV Disney Management: Marvel vs. Star Wars

    what i feel is that episode 7 and 8 are rushed especially in 8 because alot of the new characters that were introduced in 7 just.. die off. new characters introduced in 8, die off. snoke for example, we dont know like.. anything about him, where he came from, who he actually is, and then hes gone. its like they dont put much effort into the movies and they just see an opportunity to get money. its almost like the main movies are just, a new hope, and empire strikes back but with disney slightly tweaking it so it doesnt look like an exact copy. force awakens is basically a new hope, people with a weapon to destroy planets show up, discount alderaan is gone, along with a few others, someone on a desert planet wants to get away from their crappy life and meets someone that will get them off planet, get on the falcon get chased by tie fighters and eventually show up on a discount yavin 4. a "help me obi-wan kenobi" is done but its a map with r2 and ben kenobi is luke skywalker, female luke gets a blue lightsaber and then the resistance has nothing but x-wings and takes out the superweapon and the first order gets away. i wont get into last jedi but its empire strikes back with just a few tweaks in how the story is played out, but the "emperor" is killed in this one instead of the third i just feel like disney isnt really trying when it comes to star wars, and that they arent really coming up with movies that will kind of "wow" the audience like the marvel movies have this is just my opinion pls dont get mad at me
  2. KrazyDashie

    General Have you ever showered in high school before?

    i dont remember my school having showers. what i do remember is a shower room beside the bathroom, but all the shower heads were removed
  3. oh whoa, appearently theres a new pony convention in canada next year

  4. KrazyDashie

    Fashion Week Gala


  5. KrazyDashie

    Greetings Everyone!

    well hey! welcome to the forums, if you have any questions feel free to ask anypony!
  6. KrazyDashie

    What is your worst habit?

    mine would be stress eating, usually around like 11pm-3am.. and i usually make really fatty things like mac and cheese with alot of cheese or something.
  7. KrazyDashie

    Im new

    welcome to the herd! if you have any questions feel free to ask anypony!
  8. KrazyDashie

    Glue in Equestria?

    *PANICC* but in al seriousness though.. it might be made using something else. probably made from synthetic stuff.
  9. KrazyDashie

    What would your reaction be if . . .

    aha.. true true... but you would get paid for it.. right? ... am i wrong? personally i would find it amazing il probably freak out and be really happy that my oc is in the show
  10. KrazyDashie

    Season 7 DVD FINALLY relasing this October!

    i think your profile picture accurately describes the emotion, knowing that starlight isnt on the cover
  11. KrazyDashie

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

  12. KrazyDashie

    Web Is Youtube/Video Making a Career?

    i would say so, but having a successful career on youtube is usually a hit or miss thing. you can put alot of work into your videos and spend lots of time on it like a career, but if you dont get many subscribers or views, you wont really get far with it
  13. KrazyDashie

    What is the worst school trip you went on?

    we were supposed to have this grade 7 camp thingy,but that was canceled due to a school strike so we got to choose different places to go on for a field trip instead. for some reason we agreed on this kids play place (even though the place was huge and was actually fun there) but the trip was cut short because the place kicked us out. thanks to some really big kids in my grade injuring the smaller kids playing there by accident.... i think
  14. KrazyDashie

    Whoever did this, get ready...

    i can just imagine trixie yelling "teacup!" with all the teacup reactions in here