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  1. Happy birthday! I hope you're doing well, wherever you may be. :grin:

  2. Happy birthday!!!

  3. KrazyDashie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    @Usager Nope ^^ no changes
  4. livestreaming quiplash if anyone wants to join! (I need the players..)


  5. KrazyDashie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    @Usager hey um, for my request i have an updated look on what she looks like
  6. this one was mine that was for maybe a year or so.. then i changed it to this one and i have been using it since
  7. yeah, i had my internet blocked, but my dad didnt understand that it also was blocking false positives and removed it a year or so later
  8. starlight glimmer was probably captured (or escaped.. who knows) but she was in the movie for like.. one second in the festival.
  9. my parents had a few cars 1.2003? Toyota 4runner (had to scrap it because engine problems) 2. 2001 Toyota Camry (current) 2.2004 Toyota Sienna (also current) 3. 2016 Honda Civic (my aunt's)
  10. KrazyDashie

    Name 3 ....

    blossomforth, flitter and derpy! name 3 background earth ponies
  11. i dont blame everypony picking rara, shes the best
  12. yeah.. if it werent for mlp i wouldnt have gotten through high school, especially without the friends i made in the fandom. binge watching the show when i feel down cheers me up, and alot of the songs i can relate with.
  13. this was on a game that i used to play, but there was this item that i really really wanted and when i did some searching it seemed it was only available in a loot box, so i kept buying loot boxes.. 60 dollars later and i didnt get the item i wanted, then my friend was like "hey,,, if you search the in game store its only 5 dollars" i facehooved so hard
  14. KrazyDashie

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    can i get one of my bat pony? i dont have a cutiemark for her yet.
  15. what i feel is that episode 7 and 8 are rushed especially in 8 because alot of the new characters that were introduced in 7 just.. die off. new characters introduced in 8, die off. snoke for example, we dont know like.. anything about him, where he came from, who he actually is, and then hes gone. its like they dont put much effort into the movies and they just see an opportunity to get money. its almost like the main movies are just, a new hope, and empire strikes back but with disney slightly tweaking it so it doesnt look like an exact copy. force awakens is basically a new hope, peop
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