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About Me

I think I take breaks too often. probably due to the drama happening. :wacko:


profile in progress :derp: 


hey! you found my profile! anyway! yeah! just some random facts about mes

ive been a brony since april 2013 (I think that was during s3 right?) im not too into the fandom... I cant draw well (if you want an example... I once i tried to draw a cat... and it turned out to look like a really big panda :blush:) , and I guess im okay at making stories, but I do read some fanfics and look at art though and yeah :P so... first off.... im trans. (mtf to be exact) and yes... i may get some uneasy messages, or something about this, and feel free to do so. anyway, im pretty emotional about many things and I can go from really happy to really sad really easily. and vice versa, (not sure why im putting this here X3) im really shy... especially if I never met you before irl. I... usually don't talk much, or just hide. , and really friendly (sometimes im a bit over friendly... if you get what I mean)



also free snuggles! <3





my favourite mane six:

pinkie pie












old personality test, done around 2015 I think



new personality test



Twilight: I love books, and I freak out when I get a bad grade or if I fail (or think I am failing) tests.

Rainbow Dash: well... im pretty lazy and procrastinate a lot. even though when I make my stuffs really good, I wait until like the last minute to do things. (that and im really competitive and hating losing x3)

Fluttershy: im painfully shy... im REALLY out going when im texting online, but irl, if I haven't met you before or haven't seen you in a very long time... I get really shy. I usually make myself look small, not talk much or talk quietly, and mostly hide. I have really bad stage fright, and I have a tendency to constantly say to myself or push myself to do something (like speaking infront of a large crowd, presenting etc) and then (I usually get stiff nervous) bail from it. im really kind to others, especially my friends, and I care dearly about my friends. i usually am not assertive, and im mostly there for my friends for comfort.

Rarity: though, im not that into fashion, i love making art (that kinda counts right?) i... don't like getting really muddy, and hate touching sticky items... bottle depots are a living nightmare for me. i sometimes act like rarity... sometimes. :please:

Pinkie Pie: im really outgoing, love making friends smile, and sometimes i get really happy really fast (and vice versa) sometimes i can get really random, and love making, and being around friends. (i value friendship over everything else)

Applejack: my "biological" family is mostly trash to me... so i don't... really care for them as much as i should, but i consider all my friends as family. and i love my friends ever so much... <3and im almost always there for them, and... well i cant explain it much than i love them with all my heart <3 aaaaand, i love "getting my hooves dirty" in the way that i love working and having hooves-on work.






my favourites




my fav ponies in order:


1. pinkie pie

2. rarity

3. rainbow dash

4. applejack

5. fluttershy

6. twilight sparkle

(I don't hate them, I like all of the mane six. just I like them more)


favourite mlp songs: apples to the core, this day aria, hearths warming eve is here once again (actually pretty much all of that episode's songs :wat: )




Best princess



psst. big mac best princess





oh, and luna




so yeah! if you read all of this... take a free cookie! :3


if you didn't and skipped to the end...


i ate your cookie :okiedokieloki: