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  1. Out of all the games that I've played, only a few made me so addicted even to this day: Super Smash Bros. (N64). I remember when I first played that game with my brother and friends, when I was just a child and became addicted to it so quickly. I do still play it to this day, but online and competitively. Although playing casually is a lot of fun too, I just can't get rid of that game Another game is Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories. A pain to beat, but after that you can continue from the start, with all the stuff you had before, and still get better monsters. And I remember being addicted to Pokémon too. These are the type of games that you can continue playing and still get better after beating.
  2. Since I don't watch TV often, I only have a Philips CRT TV (flat) that I use when I want to hook my computer and display the image on it. I don't know the exact dimensions but it's like 29", and it's way too heavy The good thing is that it has s-video input, which produces a very clear image.
  3. Been delayed with the show a little, but at least the S6 episodes are now available in my region.

  4. I said in my latest post that I might consider getting a 4DE plush later. And yep, I just got a 4DE Dashie from a local near where I got Flutters, yay! I like how it's almost the same size as my other plushies too. I thought at first that they were smaller, but no, Awesome
  5. Sagittarius (November 24, right after Scorpio I guess) Not sure if I really act like one or not, but I'm happy with it. And I'm apparently a Goat in the Chinese zodiac. I read about it and I can agree 100%
  6. Yeah, I don't think it's the best XFCE distro either, but it's definitely one of the more stable Ubuntu flavors I have tried. I've used Manjaro too, I like the fact that it's based on Arch and can use the AUR too, also rolling. Probably I'm going to install it on my netbook once I figure out how to use the graphics driver.
  7. I found this comic on Derpibooru. Loved Pinkie's expression in there and I made it an avatar. By looking at the amount of Pinkie Pie pics I've uploaded, I think she's "secretly" my favorite pony
  8. Hmm. For some odd reason my whole profile information got deleted somehow... (all with my PPT, history, etc.) :/

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      You could try looking your profile up in the wayback machine and see if it's there: https://archive.org/web/

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      That did it! I forgot about my older name. I was looking for yoshi-fan-gm but that wasn't archived. Thank you so much! ^^ (and I thought I was the only one who was hit by that XD)

  9. It's a very addictive game actually, and I'm not a "fan" of the card game. I used to play it when I was young too. Currently I'm trying to get more decent cards in free duels. Back to the main topic, I beat supertux yesterday (a free, open-source game based on Super Mario). Not bad for a free alternative, but it's somewhat short.
  10. Just finished Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories a few days ago. It's very hard to beat the final bosses but glad they didn't pick up their strongest cards in the first turn Still playing it for fun though.
  11. Personally I use Antergos Linux on my main desktop computer. Switched from Xubuntu 14.04 because I wanted to try something new, and newer software too. Switched back to Xubuntu recently. Arch's pacman and the AUR are just awesome But I came to the conclusion that I like LTS distros better. I still use Xubuntu on my netbook tho, but without 3D acceleration because Linux only provides 2D accel for the GMA 3600. Good thing that it still can use the CPU for heavier tasks.
  12. Since Super Smash Brothers is the only "fighting" game series that I play, I can only think of Kirby (from SSB64) being somewhat broken in that game. His up-tilt can easily break a shield and punish the opponent, and his recovery is amazing, being only worse than Pikachu's. Meta Knight in Brawl has also been considered broken by many. He even was banned for a time in tournaments but I don't play Brawl very often.
  13. Said and done. Since I didn't buy it at a convention, it cost me a little bit more, but I absolutely adore it like my other plushes There were 4DE plushes as well... although expensive. Might consider getting one of those later.
  14. I only know 2 bronies that also live in my region, but we actually met in a comic con. Outside of cons, however, I've only seen 1 random brony when commuting to work.