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  1. AstralAmity

    I'm f-f-fluttersh..shy

    tEM MaKE frienD!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Huge undertale fan here as well. cx I hope you find yourself at home here, and make many friends. )
  2. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    Something that helps is to remember that a day comes when things get better. <3 Just in general for everyone, here, who may feel stuck. Finding oneself is a beautiful thing, but sometimes the process can be difficult. Personally, I am stuck in limbo. >< I am lucky enough to have the family support, but not lucky enough to be in a non-conservative state. Likely chances are, it may be a bumpy road... However, if we can push through these obstacles, then in the end, we will be stronger than ever before. By "strength," I mean not of the physical kind, but that in which we can continue and never give up; along with it, we are able to follow our dreams and life-calling. Our responsibility is to continue pushing through, no matter the struggle. After all, what makes a story is the conflict that the main character faces. If you think of it that way, then you will have more mindfulness in your decisions and with what you do. Additionally, everything will get better, step by conscious step. ^~^
  3. AstralAmity

    Any tips on making Shoegaze/Chillwave

    What Skullcandy said about sidechaining is definitely a good idea. Something else you should look into are finding/making some nice pads. ^.^ Also, filters can probably help to create many of the sounds you might be looking for. I personally use filters all the time to give my pads more life and a moving/flowing energy. I can imagine in Chillwave it would give it that "wave," I suppose you can say. I absolutely love relaxing music, but am not actually adept with Chillwave. I do hope, though, that you can figure it out. Again as SkullcandyPegasus mentioned, sample packs for percussion make a huge difference. The samples provide the base, ultimately, of the sound you get out. How you work with that sound determines how good of the song it is, in my opinion. Also, if you ever need sounds, I don't know if I have much, but I may be able to help supply you with something might you feel trapped.
  4. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    Personally, I believe that every single person who wishes to express themself is beautiful. <3 Everyone here is beautiful! Comparing yourself to people who aren't you and your beautiful self isn't the way to go, in my opinion. If you want to shave, shave for yourself, not for the sake of others. Those are just my words, at least. It can be difficult, even still... but the best thing to do when transitioning is to learn to love yourself. I bet it also has an effect on how often you accidentally make cuts, because emotions directly affect how much attention you put to do one thing or another. If you hate yourself, then likely when you shave you are putting more pressure against the skin. If you are calm and at peace, though, then everything works out perfectly. Also, there isn't too much need to worry if you plan to transition with hormones in the future. I don't know if what I say may help for whoever, but what I say is the bright side of the situation. Part of transitioning, in my opinion, should be that you try to envision who you wish to be as much as you possibly can. It doesn't help to keep yourself in the dumps thinking about where you are at the moment, because it can make the transition very exhausting. Think about what you are improving on and who you are inside, no matter what the physical world may say. ^^ If you find yourself inside, then nothing can stop you from bringing it out to show the world!
  5. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    You are so brave. <3 Don't worry about being yourself here, at all. This is definitely the place. ^^ The whole state I live in is likely the worst state for being transgender. (Utah is full of Mormons and many country folk... who all mostly hate anyone who strays from how they were born. :v ) That being said, I know how you feel there... I also know how it feels to wish to change something that I was forced to grow up as. @-@ Something that has helped me has been having the chance to be who I am online and in creative works. I'm guessing that it has been somewhat the same for you? Anyway, if you know your family won't accept you, then I guess I recommend that you try to get as much support online and find some friends IRL who you can help as well for when you decide to change more physically. People might think you are weird, but they aren't awakened enough to understand that we are only being ourselves. If some people don't want to acquaint with you for being you, then there is no harm. Just acquaint with those who understand. Do whatever you feel is right, and make sure to take baby steps. As for where to start, you can start right here. ^^ Just connecting with other people like us can help tons, trust me.
  6. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    There people that I know who are genderfluid. One of my really good, best friends is genderfluid/neutral with gender. This means that she would sometimes want to see herself as a male, or stick to who she is on the physical side. He/she, It can go back and forth, really for people like them. ^^ For me, I've thought of doing this, but I doubt it would work in the long term... I am certain that who I am on the inside is more female than anything. Every time I continue to go on as how society wants me to be, I have many thoughts of suicide that go along SO nicely with my depression and anxiety... (hint hint, sarcasm .-. ) I guess there's a small peak of my daily life. x3 My advice to anyone is to just follow where you feel is best for you. Don't be afraid to express yourself the way you want, and know that gender isn't just binary. Your gender can be anything you wish for it to be. ^^ All you need to do is embrace your true inner-self.
  7. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    Hehe, um, thanks. I was in my character in it. ^^
  8. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    I kind of pretty much did some research and figured out what makes the male and female voice different. I found out that everyone's way of changing their voice is different, but for me, I moved into a falsetto and then moved down. Mostly, though, I concentrated on my adam's apple to move it upwards and back. The main goal I put for myself was to get rid of the male resonance, which is what pretty much what makes the voice male aside from the way of speaking. Pitch isn't that huge of a thing, and can just be a note or two higher than the male voice. (by male resonance, I mean that deep vibration that can be felt lower in the throat for male bodies. Luckily, this is one of the things that can be changed with dedication and practice. x3 ...If only it were easier for other parts of the body. @-@ )
  9. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    I haven't started hormones yet, but tomorrow I will be talking with my doctor, hopefully, about what might be best for me. ^^ I personally have been working mostly with my voice. I've gone a long way. x3 This is a bit of an older recording of my voice, but here is a few samples taken from my fan-fiction: Oh, and something that has helped me SOOO much is wearing fitting underwear. Buying skirts and general clothing helped, but underwear really makes an internal difference. Given that I work at KFC, I have to wear work uniform which really brings out my masculine side. @-@ Although, nobody really cares what underwear you wear, so I've been able to feel like myself since then. Oh, and also, something else, I meditate to go into my own wonderworld as the form I want to be. (Oh, and something something else, I do Dungeons and Dragons-like things with my friends where I can be myself. ^w^ It's really Fallout Equestra, and is based on the ideas of DnD. x3 )
  10. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    You're completely right. The rational thing, in my mind, is that if a person feels like a female, they should be allowed to go in their corresponding bathroom. With modern views, though, people are very picky about with how people look (and sadly, with how they were born). The most I can say is that hopefully people will be able to accept transgender people who wish to go where they feel like they fit in most. The responsibility of transgender people is to be able to look the part, for society at the moment. In a perfect society, this wouldn't be a problem at all, but sadly society isn't perfect. There is always a fear that some creepo is taking advantage of these sorts of things, but in reality, there is a much greater majority of people who wish to simply be themselves. Neutral bathrooms I agree are likely the best solution. It would save all of this heartache and debate...
  11. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    Yeah, I can see what you mean. Lately, though, it's been getting better. ^^ From what I've heard, at least, just in the past few years everything has gotten a lot easier for the transgender community. I've heard that California has community bathrooms in schools rather than just having it gender-assigned. (I bet I'm not the only transgender person here who hates going into a specific bathroom for a gender I don't exactly see myself as. @-@ I swear, in my mind, it feels so kinky... but at this point, I've kind of numbed everything out and created my own little universe to exist in (quite literally). )
  12. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    I know this sort of feeling very well... although, what's helped me the most is exploring who I am through creative works. This ranges from writing to drawing to even music, but through it, I've learned to find who I am inside and learn to express it on the outside. I really recommend you do something for yourself to see what is best for you. These feelings are hard to cope with.... from personal experience. It is possible to cope, but it isn't exactly the best life-style. Try to explore who you are in any way you feel like will help you. Don't be afraid to express yourself. (Another thing I'd really recommend if you really want to get into deep self-exploration is meditation. Not exactly the whole lotus-pose type of meditation, but just meditating by relaxing and clearing your mind to achieve further awakening. You can just PM me if you want help with any of these sorts of things. )
  13. AstralAmity

    General Transgender Support Thread

    Yay, the thread was made! ^^ Anyway, hi to everyone! I consider myself transgender, and am currently going through a sort of transition at least with show. Physically, I still need to talk with my doctor about what the best plan would be, but since discovering who I am, I've never been able to be happier. ^o^ It is so amazing that there are so many people already who support this. Oh, and also... OH MY GOSH I'm squealing with how cute this is!!!!!!!!
  14. I'll send you a message with the details. ^^ We are still looking for auditions, though with everyone who has come in, it might be a little bit difficult to play the larger parts. There will be side-characters, though, so you can always just stay tuned. (enough of my rambling, now to send the message. x3 )
  15. Got it, thank you. I'll keep it in mind to post threads there next time. It would be amazing to have you as a part of the team! I'll send you a PM with more details and links.