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  1. happy birthday ! : D 

    1. AstralAmity


      Awe, thank you. <3 



      your welcome : 3

  2. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

    1. AstralAmity


      Well hot fudge and wiggly biscuits!!! I shall! (Thank you for helping spread the Discord cheer! XD)

    2. Missklang


      You are welcome! It's my job, since I started it xD -gives a frog- This Christmas frog is a gift from Discord. Enjoy your frog!

    3. AstralAmity


      Yay! *accepts frog* I give my appreciations to sensei Discord. *bows*

  3. tEM MaKE frienD!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Huge undertale fan here as well. cx I hope you find yourself at home here, and make many friends. )
  4. Tech is go to coOleg!!!!

  5. /me Boops Techoh's muzzle randomly. :P /) <3 <3

    1. AstralAmity


      *scrunches and boops back playfully* <3

  6. I think ur profile page lured me in. Hiy owo

    1. Pinkamena-Pills


      Hopefully you enjoyed. And hello.

    2. AstralAmity


      I did. ^^ Your animating definitely has potential, also. Keep working at it and improving! :D

    3. Pinkamena-Pills


      We appreciate your compliment

  7. Thank you for approving.

    1. AstralAmity


      No probs. I'm so open here on the forums.

  8. Hi fellow ENFP! :D

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    2. Lonk Chase

      Lonk Chase

      K. Thanks!


      BTW, Source is in C++. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    3. AstralAmity
    4. Lonk Chase
  9. Bucking depressed that the relationship wasn't able to work out. .-.

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    2. AstralAmity


      Thank you. <3 ;-;

    3. NeedsMoreGoth


      I tend to like sadness. It's artistic and it inspires me. Perhaps you can use it for something creative as well?

    4. AstralAmity


      (was grounded for a while, my apologies >< ) I do think I can use it creatively. I should probably let it flow into music and art... because you are completely right. Thank you.


  11. Your avatar is sooo adorable!!!!! <3<3<3

  12. Something that helps is to remember that a day comes when things get better. <3 Just in general for everyone, here, who may feel stuck. Finding oneself is a beautiful thing, but sometimes the process can be difficult. Personally, I am stuck in limbo. >< I am lucky enough to have the family support, but not lucky enough to be in a non-conservative state. Likely chances are, it may be a bumpy road... However, if we can push through these obstacles, then in the end, we will be stronger than ever before. By "strength," I mean not of the physical kind, but that in which we can continue and never give up; along with it, we are able to follow our dreams and life-calling. Our responsibility is to continue pushing through, no matter the struggle. After all, what makes a story is the conflict that the main character faces. If you think of it that way, then you will have more mindfulness in your decisions and with what you do. Additionally, everything will get better, step by conscious step. ^~^
  13. What Skullcandy said about sidechaining is definitely a good idea. Something else you should look into are finding/making some nice pads. ^.^ Also, filters can probably help to create many of the sounds you might be looking for. I personally use filters all the time to give my pads more life and a moving/flowing energy. I can imagine in Chillwave it would give it that "wave," I suppose you can say. I absolutely love relaxing music, but am not actually adept with Chillwave. I do hope, though, that you can figure it out. Again as SkullcandyPegasus mentioned, sample packs for percussion make a huge difference. The samples provide the base, ultimately, of the sound you get out. How you work with that sound determines how good of the song it is, in my opinion. Also, if you ever need sounds, I don't know if I have much, but I may be able to help supply you with something might you feel trapped.