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  1. WWolf

    Foxx? I’m WWolf :wacko: .

  2. I am extremely picky, to the point where I will refuse to eat at restaurants or parties because what is being served is not to my liking. Hell, I wish I liked more food, but I can't bring myself to it. For you to get an accurate picture about what I like and do not like, here are my top five most hated foods: 5: Ice cream 4: Bacon 3:Chocolate 2:Any cake except for chocolate cake(yes, I do realize what number 3 is) 1:Any dairy products This is five of what I'd assume to be a list of 30-50(No, unfortunately I am not exaggerating). Sadly, this leaves saying me no to a lot
  3. I often pace to and fro whilst waiting for something important, after doing something cringeworthy, or when I am trying to find an answer.
  4. Well, my process goes a little something like this. For the first few days after the previous events, whatever happened will constantly be on my mind, at every turn. Slowly but surely,it will start to fade, the memory only appearing at appropriate and relevant times. Finally, I will completely let it go(here comes the frozen storm, oh god). I won't forget it completely, granted, but it doesn't make itself nearly as prominent at all after the last stage.
  5. School is out until february!!!! Woo hoo!

  6. I sleep from about 10 PM to 6AM on weeknights, and 11 PM to 7AM on weekdays. I cannot fall asleep easily if I have anything even vaguely exciting planned for the next day; I'll just lay awake trying to contemplate the possible outcomes . If I've done something especially embarrassing on any given day, I'll usually sleep in a very exaggerated fetal position, with the happenings of that day playing over in my head like some creepy silent film. I usually fall asleep in about 30-60 minutes, but I find that wiggling my toes(wut?)makes me drift off earlier.
  7. I've leased a horse for December. I'm soooo excited!!

  8. People walking into poles always manages to crack me up. I don't know what it is, but the look on a person's face when they are about to slam into a pole is ridiculously funny to me. For example, I went on a bike ride with a couple of friends a few weeks back. Someone thought it would be a good idea to show off and ended up on the ground after running into a pole and mangling their bike. The best thing I could do was laugh. A lot. I said "pole" way too much in that post...
  9. I like Saturdays because it is the start of the weekend and you still have a day between the present and Monday. My least favourite is Monday because Monday is Monday. Yeah.
  10. Foxx

    Rainbow Rocks Favorite Member of the Dazzlings

    Sonata Dusk, for the win! She's just the cutest little thing ever! From her design, to her personality, to her downright hilarious lines, Sonata is by far the best Dazzling. It is also extremely entertaining to see her interactions with the rest of the group. This line comes to mind... And who could forget the thousand meter stare?
  11. Gotta go with Nigahiga on this one.
  12. Favorite song: Awesome as I want to be; I really liked that they took a chance and went with the pop punk style of music. It made for a real toe-tapper Least favorite: Tricks up my sleeve; I'm sorry guys but Trixie's singing voice just gets on my nerves and honestly, I was really surprised that so many people liked it...
  13. Corn chips. Crunchy, delicious corn chips.
  14. If the fandom did come to an end, it would be gradual. You wouldn't just wake up one morning and realize that suddenly, no one is into ponies. We'd slowly start to see more bronies die, there would be less new bronies and eventually the fandom would wither away and die. On another note, I strongly dislike those people who (metaphorically, of course)stand on the side of the street handing out pamphlets detailing the near Bron-pocolypse. If you think the fandom is coming to an end, then savor its last moments. Don't spend that time being worried about the future, live in the moment.
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