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  1. I still think that this video is a product of my subconscious mind desperately trying to express itself through alternative art forms.
  2. Well you seem like an awesome dude so I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before you find someone who's close-ish to you =D
  3. - Missing the toilet when I take a piss. - Finding a comfy position in the bed then feeling a crumb underneath me. - Waiting for debit cards to authorise, hoping they'll work. - When you take a pee on a train and it goes over a bump. - Speedy Transition
  4. Swoop is best mod! Thank you I'm getting sick of the furry discussion anyway, we can only make the same points so many times. But tl'dr, they're assholes.
  5. HOW MANY THREADS DO WE NEED ON FURRIES STOP, THIS IS GETTING STUPID. There's a thread about this every single day. Can we just get over the fact that Furries and Bronies are different and that people have contrasting views on whether they like/dislike the fandom. We get NOWHERE with these new threads, all we get is a reoccurrence of the same arguments, the same debates and we end up in the same place. It's ridiculous.
  6. Either you've created this post to just try create controversy for attention, or you're jealous of the attention the character receives. I'm not sure whether to be jealous of you, and the fact that your life is so devoid of problems that the biggest issue is that a cartoon character receives too much attentino for you liking, or be sad that you have horrendously mis-prioritised your life. It's a cartoon character, who cares? Well, you seem to care, but nobody else really does. One day you'll have actual things to worry about in life, then you'll realise that nobody cares about topics like this. xD
  7. It's alright man D= It's about protecting the people on here and making sure nobody has to go through an ordeal with the police or anything! Nobody wants that >: