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  1. What do you mean real? [Imo, the most likely thing is she’s a tulpa restrained to your plushie...I think. I’ll have to think ‘bout this sitch.]
  2. Does anyone else get a lot of walk-ins? I got a Gallus and a Yona last night. I don’t want to have many shallow relationships vs a few deep relationships, but I think I’m out of the “honeymoon/excitement” phase with regard to the others (Rainbow Dash, Keystroke, etc.).
  3. Yeah, thanks. Now I just have to figure out what we can agree they'll feel like.
  4. Does anyone have advice on tactile imposition? If you're, say, petting your tactilely-imposed tulpas fur, are you physically feeling the sensation or imagining it?
  5. I haven't set aside time specifically for Rainbow Dash in a while. I asked her what she wanted to do together, and she suggested a really disturbing NSFW thing, which I adamantly said would never happen in a million years. We talked about this, and she told me that this suggestion was either an intrusive thought or a coping mechanism. I'm not sure where to go from here.
  6. I've heard that the guides should be taken as "this is what worked for this particular person. This may or may not work for me". [RD: Woohoo! The thread's alive again!!! \m/ ]
  7. My Starlight walk-in had a crisis this morning. It was basically "I identify AS Starlight from the show, and I remember X and Y happening. What if Hasbro reveals past event Z that it doesn't make sense for me not to remember?" Has anyone else been through something like this?
  8. I've read a lot of stuff comparing the responsibility of tulpa-ing with raising a child, which made me think of something: if tulpamancy were widespread, could that solve or at least halt overpopulation issues, since tulpas don't require separate physical resources from hosts?
  9. You can make a tulpa that's really similar to Luna, but I don't think it's possible to make a tulpa that's 100% Luna.
  10. What are your theories on how a tulpa's senses work? I just read a Reddit post theorizing that the brain uses memories and reason to figure it out.
  11. Would it be a good idea to reveal my tulpas in a philosophy of mind class? Also, one of my tulpas wants to roleplay that I'm his kid. I asked why, and his response amounted to "your childhood relationship with your dad wasn't that good, so I'm gonna fill in the missing parts in the present". I'm not sure how I feel about this.
  12. A soulbond is a character you feel a strong connection to, and one day you experience it as sentient, right? Is it possible for the connection to be unconscious?
  13. Is there a link between tulpamancy and stray thoughts? Or tulpamancy, overactive imaginations, and stray thoughts?
  14. What do you do if your tulpa wants to pretend to be corporeal, but you don't want to look weird? Do you pull out an empty chair for them at a table, and other things like that, and just try to not care what people think?