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  1. Even if you're no longer active, it's only fair that I wish you a happy birthday. :)

  2. You're not active anymore, but I want to wish you a happy birthday anyway. Have a good one.

  3. Yeah, its good and all. I enjoyed watching it for the clever special effects they did back in 1968. Still, I wish I understood what was going on better.
  4. I just got through watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, and all I have to say after that experience is...what the hay did I just watch? Now, in Ponies The Anthology II , the ending sequence was one big movie reference to 2001 : A Space odyssey. After watching the Anthology II, I was interested in seeing it, but not enough to really go through with it. However, after taking an Art of Film class in college, and watching a nostalgia critic video, I decided to finally sit down and watch it. Now, the parts in Anthology that had to do with this movie were...how do I put it...confusing. I figured that since I hadnt actually seen the movie, thats why the references seemed to be so wierd. However, after watching it, I am actually MORE confused about the meaning of the movie itself. The beggining I understand...sort of. And the bulk of the movie seemed to make sense as well. It is the end that is confusing me. What happened, whats with him getting older and older in some wierd scene transistions, then looking at the Black Rectangle Thingy (as I called it) , and then suddenly he is a baby or something that is inside of a glowing orb. Then, the orb and baby go to space, right outside of earth, aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd then its over. Roll credits. The end. Like, what in the world? What does it MEAN. It must be meaningful for the movie to be so famous, but can somebody help me with this? TLDR: 2001: A space odyssey was really wierd and confusing. Can somebody please explain to me what it meant?
  5. I guess I am death now...weeeeee

  6. Sorry it took me so long to get this in here. I was busy with college stuff. http://mlpforums.com/topic/8887-fenrir/ Here is the link to my Character.
  7. I keep hearing people say that this season finaly was aweful, but honestly, I loved it. Sure it seemed rushed and the songs could have been a bit better, but overall it was just great. The animation and visuals were great, the alicornification was cool, and we got to see rainbow dash be happy with twilights new wings. I may be in the minority though. Not to say that you said that you didnt like it, this has just been on my mind.
  8. Okay, I am super worried about something now that I have seen the episode. Is MLPFiM over now? Or is there going to be a season 4? Please tell me that it is not over. Im sure that this is making me sound dumb and desperate, but I really would like conformation, one way or the other.
  9. I am the same way. However, I think that it kind of depends on what I am doing as to which pony I am most like. In school, I am the smart kid in class, to the point where my classmates don't even question whether I am right or wrong. I love reading and do moderatly well in school. I have my OCD moments and love to have good grades. So in that respect I am like twilight. However, I am also an avid runner, and a competive person at heart. Even if I know that I will lose, I always give it my all, never giving up or surrendering. In track, I always boasted loudly that I would get first place in every race I did that day. Unfortunatly, I never would. Nevertheless, I gave it my all, always striving to improve myself. I even got myself to varsity on the Cross Country team. I am cocky and headstrong when it comes to athletics. So in that respect, I am like Rainbow Dash. When it comes to the affairs of love, I am definitally more like fluttershy. I am timid and shy around girls I like, especially when I talk about my feelings for them. Its for that reason that I have been single for over 3 years, even though I have had several friends tell me that a certain somebody had their eye on me. I know that this has dragged on for a bit, but I will finish of will one last major character I share many traits with. Pinkie Pie When around my friends, I am always happy and cheery, making jokes and being silly. My friends tell me that while I can be a bit annoying at times, they can count on me to brighten their days. I hope that is not to much or to far off point.
  10. We can start a Revolution? Haven't we done that already. Look at everything we have accomplished together. Ponies are everywhere now. What started out as a new girls television show has become the source of entertainment, charity, and creativity for tens of thousands of people. Thats a revolution if ever I have seen one. Yeah, people say that this fandom is dying, but I disagree. Just look at the Invader Zim fandom. The show has been over and done with for years now, but you can still find merch in stores, still see it on the internet, and (at least on deviantart) I still see new fanart and content for that popping up everyday. Invader Zim was never as big as the brony community was and is, so dont worry. Even if the show ends and half of all bronies give up interest, we will still be able to access tons of new pony content with each new day. Because those that truely love it, and Im sure Im not the only one to say that I love this show to death, will create new content regardless of what others think or do. Even if they DO keep her as an alicorn forever, I am sure that it wont be that big of a deal. People freak out over the slightest stuff. I remember them freaking out about roid rages tiny little wings. My point is, the fuss will die down eventually.
  11. League of legends is soooo fun

    1. Count Paradox

      Count Paradox

      never played it.

    2. Fenrir


      Its fun, strategy based battle arena. Im, so-so at it. Still fun though.

  12. KK, well I have two that I could use, one is a pegasus and the other a unicorn. Which would you prefer?
  13. Ravioli? Interesting word drop. Are you trying to tell us something here? *wink wink nudge nudge* In all seriousness though, I agree compleatly, just so long as it doesnt hurt anybody.
  14. I agree compleatly, if you look deep enough into any community, especially one of this size and scope, you are bound to find some unsettleing things.
  15. im up to participate, but I dont want to prevent others from not being able to take a part in it simply because I get first pick cause I am your friend.