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  1. only nine days till my birthday! I'm pretty excited! ^~^

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      Hey, I was born April 19! Lol

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  2. Lewis studied the stallion for a moment before putting away his knife. "Be brave Lewis.... You can't show weakness around others..." He took a breath then held his hoof out to the new member of the small group. "As you might have figured out, I'm Lewis. W-welcome to the party...." He fakes a smile. "Dangit! I slipped up... maybe he didn't notice..."
  3. Lewis looks towards the direction of Davids voice and pulls his knife out with his magic and starts to gallop in that direction. Once he spots David he slows and skids to Davids side. "Sorry I took so long David... S-so which one is it?.... wait..." He lowers the knife a little. "Why didn't the changeling attack us yet?..." He looks at David quizzically. "They can't be traitors can they?...."
  4. " The shades?... who are they?..." Lewis asks himself. He sighs and reads the sign again. "Well this is certainly easier than teleporting using my own magic..." Then he mutters."Safer too.." He takes a deep breath and touches the stone. The air is sucked from his lungs as he is ported from the city. When he reappears he stumbles and gasps for air. "That wasn't easier than with my own magic..." He straightens up and looks around for David.
  5. Lewis smiles a bit and nods. "Yeah I'll come... but ponyville is a long way away... even by train. I'm sure you know this... but...." He shakes his head, retrieves his dagger and trots after David. "Never mind. You seem like sommepony who knows what he's doing. Lead the way David!.... um... if that's what you had in mind.." He smiles sheepishly.
  6. "A-a changeling? This far up into equestria?.... That's pretty bold...." Lewis walks over next to David and studies the screen. "I know where that is but I Couldn't telleport us there.... Unless you know how to preform teleportation magic?" In the back of his mind he didn't really even want to try and deal with the changelings because they rarely traveled alone and he knew that his fighting skill were lacking quite largely.
  7. Lewis draws the knife and hurls the knife towards the dummy and misses horribly. "uhg...." He hangs his head then looks over to David. "So... David... You said you were an agent for the NLR right?... Are you planing to join back up with them?... Cause.. um.. If you don't know where they are now I could take you there...." He shuffles a bit and hoped that David wasn't paying attention when he missed.
  8. Lewis watches him leave, his jaw practically on the floor. "d-did I say something wrong?... He kinda just stormed off talking to himself....." He shrugs off the thought until he hears the thud of the knife in the wood. His ears fall back and he cautiously, and quietly, walks over to the room David had entered and peeked in.
  9. Lewis follows him in and thinks to himself "Why was he talking to himself?... Well I guess I can't judge him cause I'm talking to myself..." As they enter the large room Lewis stops at the door and gasps quietly, taking in the room. He's amazed to the amount of both food and weaponry, he trots over to the monitors and asks. "H-How are you getting this footage? I thought that ponyville and canterlot were destroyed while the princess' were fighting...." He turns to David.
  10. Shivers a bit from the spell. "I-its ok... I understand.. can't trust many ponies now a days." He looks around for any other unexpected guests. "So what are you doing here? On a mission for either of the princesses, or just another survivor like me?" He puts away his knife feeling he could trust this newcomer.
  11. Lewis jumps to his feet and throws a shield up to protect him from debris. He coughs and replies, "Y-you nearly gave me a heart attack!..." He takes the knife with his magic and returns his gaze to David. "Thank you... I-its... nice to meet you?... Erm.. I-I'm lewis..." He nervously raises a hoof to David.
  12. Lewis climbed a pile of rubble that was once a restaurant in Canterlot, he looked around at the crumbling buildings and skeletal remains of what once was his home. He sighs and slides down the rubble, he illuminates his horn as he enters a building and looks around cautiously. "H-hello? Anypony here?..." After a moment of silence he trotts further into the building and reaches a room towards the back. He levitates his pack off his back, sets it down and sits next to it. He opens the pack and takes out a knife and twirls it around with his magic. "I hope I don't have to use you..." he says sole
  13. Ohhh major excitement! My OC is in my signature. I'll have him neutral in the red zone. (canterlot most likely) Do I need to post a RP since we were in one together? Oh and sorry for not posting earlier, I was kinda busy.
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