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  1. If this happened to me I would literally break down and cry. I've been dreaming of the day I'd finally get to Equestria! I would stay there, And I'd give up a bad habbit, I'd rather not say, Privacy and all that)
  2. I would want a pet Filly Fluttershy, That way I could help her grow up and we would be life long friends.
  3. Who would win? Sir Flutter Hooves, Cu ela Devil, or Batman? Who is THAT?! 4 pecans walk in to a bar, one of them asks, who's the chestnut? HOW DO YOU RESPOND?
  4. OH NO! My Homework is due tomorrow and I can't get to a school computer because I made a Powerpoint! *Rarity Flail* WHYYYY!

    1. Linux Distro
    2. Missy Mare

      Missy Mare

      *Rarities therapy couch whatever* WHHHHHHHHHY!?

  5. Good Morning Everypony! Well... Afternoon...

  6. Hello everypony! Sorry I haven't been back for a while, but I'm ready to start posting again!
  7. Missy Mare


    Oh wow! Beautiful! I love the sort of Statue in the middle.
  8. I'm making a project in Financial Literacy, It's a vacation, Mr.Z said to make it personalized, so I'm doing BronyCon!

  9. OMIGOSH! Hi. lol. Hey I'm back!

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    2. Missy Mare

      Missy Mare

      Oh, yeah I woulndn't know it then

      I don't want any spiolers though! I'm waiting until I see it to look at any music vids or scenes.

    3. Trevor Bright
    4. Missy Mare
  10. Yay! Schools out till January!

  11. I'm grounded from the computer and I'm on it anyways so shhhh.....

  12. Mac is over!

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    2. Missy Mare

      Missy Mare

      My friend is over at my house...

      What were you thinking?

    3. CITRUS KING46


      The total destruction of global commerce, of course.

    4. Missy Mare