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  1. She was funny in a cute sort of way. It was great how obsessed she was with rocks. What I love about her is her dedication though. That line near the end was delivered so perfectly: "I don't really like candy. But I do love Pinkie Pie." It really might be one of my favorite lines of the whole series.
  2. Wow, o.o just logged in for the first time in a few weeks, didn't expect to see so much recent activity on this thread They would both look great I think, but I lean more towards Rarity. Twilight's mark has too much white to look very good as a tattoo.(unless you planned to have a big swath of purple put on your shoulder that it could be outlined in). As far as properly-placed cutie mark tattoos go, they could be worse
  3. Beauty Mark Tattoo in Canton, CT is offering discounted Pony tattoos for $40, with all proceeds going to benefit Michael. If you live in the area and are the kind of person who likes ink, this is a great way to support him.
  4. New wave is my favorite. I'm also a fan of early gothic rock, and some industrial. Depeche Mode is probably my single favorite group, followed very closely by The Cure.
  5. Tonight I was watching a 2011 movie called Detention ( and in one scene a character was paging through a yearbook. It was only on screen for half a second but something caught my eye. I went back and paused on a certain bit and I was surprised to see what appears to be a My Little Pony reference (I added a screenshot of it). Have you ever caught a MLP reference in other media before? If so, what was it in?
  6. Just threw together the first forum siggy I've done in probably five or six years. I think it came out alright.

  7. To me, half the fun is considering the why behind different characters' actions and words. I'm not the kind of pony to dwell on animation errors, but when a character says or does something that doesn't have an immediate explanation, I like to think about what her motivation might have been to bring that about, and how it lines up with events from previous episodes that seemingly contradicts it. To me, there are no continuity errors. There's just a lack of understanding of the whole picture.
  8. I'm glad Spike got an episode, but this one seemed a little contrived to me. It introduced into canon the fact that a non-magical pony (or dragon) can use magic in a limited way (requiring the use of a pre-prepared 'scroll', so to speak), which I'm not sure I like. It had some great parts like with Pinkie Pie running off and coming back with cupcakes, but overall I think this one is the weakest of the season so far.
  9. A blue dry erase marker. It would still be the most technologically advanced writing instrument in Equestria. I bet I could figure out how to make more, and then become richer than Filthy Rich with my marker racket.
  10. Sweetie Belle is the only unicorn of the bunch and she doesn't seem to care that much about developing her magical ability. The only time a princess has been shown to take a student is when Celestia took on Twilight after she demonstrated her unusual talent with magic. I don't think that should be taken as evidence that all princesses take students.
  11. I only played up til Gran Turismo 2, but they were always my favorite racing games. When GT5 came out I was on the fence about buying it, I kept telling myself YES NO YES NO YES NO. Then finally I decided to buy GT5, and discovered that GT6 was just a week away. So I waited, and today I bought 6 :3 Anyone else play it? How do you like it?
  12. Well her ascension to alicorn-hood was rather unexpected. Celestia had an idea for what was going to happen when she nudged Twilight along with Starswirl's spell, but still no one was really expecting her to become an actual princess. My assumption is that Celestia and Luna were just caught a bit off-guard and don't have anywhere to put her. Even Cadence was in the same situation that Twilight is in up until the Crystal Empire was freed and Equestria apparently annexed it and installed her as monarch.
  13. One of the things he's most known for is a thought experiment in which (to put it briefly) a cat can be both alive and dead at the same time until it has been observed.
  14. Human observation doesn't have any direct impact on anything. Light is reflected from an object whether a set of eyeballs are there to receive it or not. So I'd say no, by virtue of the fact that an object would be unable to determine if it is being observed or not. Also, your post made me think of Schroedinger.