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  1. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    Quite the savvy...*puts on sunglasses* Biznis-man, aren't you?
  2. As opposed to the rest of us, who are mostly half-breeds. I apologize if this seems a little odd, but do you have a British accent? In my humble opinion, the British accent is one of the sexiest.
  3. Better than the original.
  4. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    Cool! Hi, Rarity!! Nice pic there.
  5. YOU SAY YOU WANT ACTIVITY??? Eeyup. Here's some fanart for all you AJ-lovin' ponies.
  6. Just chased down a guinea fowl that had flown over our fence with my sister and dog...that was the most fun I've had in a long time. :P

    1. Wayzer


      omi ;P Glad to hear then

    2. MrPandaa


      XD in the country changes what you find pleasurable in life. A lot. :P

    3. Wayzer
  7. Guess what, guys?? I just learned that I got the Marriott Scholarship for my choice university!!! :D (Which means that my college tuition will be fully paid, and I'm only $1,500 away from getting room and board taken care of!) :D (And it's also only awarded to about 5% of the student body, so...#humblebrag) XD Thanks to all of you guys who have helped me with assignments, and just generally by being great friends. <3 Love y'all like mah bros and sistahs...

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    2. MrPandaa


      :D Thanks, guys. @Evilshy Yup, Southern Virginia University, in the Alexandria, VA area. Not the most prestigious university, but I'm mostly going there because I grew up in that area, and it's like going back to my roots. :) Also, it's s small place, and I like small--more one-on-one time with the professor. @Wayzer Thanks, man. :hugs:
    3. MrPandaa


      Thanks, Evil Nightmares. *hugs*

    4. Evilshy


      Sounds pretty awesome. Good luck to you :)

  8. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    Nuu! No sads! *hugs* I chase them away with hugs. I think that there will always be people who only like the "perfect" members of the Mane Six, but that there will also be those--like most of us here --who will stick with our favs no matter what light they are portrayed in, because we know better. It's not exactly unfair; there are plenty of people who would do that. But that's not important. We love Rarity because of who we know she is, not because of how this or that episode shows her. Whatever the flak any of us may receive later for liking Rarity, I hope we all stay her supporters and fans.
  9. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    @@Cstriker Whoa...just whoa. That is probably the coolest, sexiest, most epic piece of Rarity fan art I've ever seen. Needless to say, that picture is now taking up a few hundred bytes of my Dropbox folder.
  10. Just ate some beef and rice casserole...delicious.

  11. Woooo!!! Brits are freaking cool, man! I mean, for crying out loud, it seems that nearly every good looking and talented celebrity comes from those crazy isles up dere--Emma Watson, anyone? She gots the hots, man. And of course, that's not even taking into account that the UK gave us who were probably the best pop-type musicians to ever live, the Beatles. Oh, I gotcha. Well, it'd be worth a shot if you can prove it.
  12. Well, I'm glad to hear that you feel that way about racism. It truly is a terrible thing to indiscriminately hate--or even just feel prejudiced towards--any one person simply because their skin is one color or the other.
  13. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    G'morning, ghostie!! (And the rest of you peeps.)
  14. That picture--sav'd. Oh, good! I've been meaning to learn German for years now. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. German sounds soooo cool, though! I have got to learn it soon. Maybe after I finish up Italian and Japanese...probably should finish those two first. Very interesting combination....I don't think I've seen that before. *looks you over with a magnifying glass* You are quite an interesting specimen...hmm... So, your mom's family is quite racist, you say, and it sounds like your dad's side has a bit of that streak as well. Where do you fall, if you don't mind me asking? Of course, if you don't want to answer, that's perfectly fine. No pressure. O_O Dat's kewl. Thanks for telling me! I will keep it secret (and keep it safe). Name that reference!
  15. MrPandaa

    Rarity Fan Club

    Yay! *slurps milkshake* Wow, this thread grows like a pack of bunnies...took me, like, half an hour just to go through all the new posts. Certainly a testament to the Rares love.